Big announcement: Dutch Employees becomes Yobbers

You may have noticed that recently there have been some changes around our parent company Dutch Employees. We are proud to announce that, as of December 2nd 2019, the name of our parent company Dutch Employees changes to Yobbers!

Connecting Worlds

Due to the hard work of our team and the commitment of our customers to us, we have been able to grow as a company. For us, this grow equals expanding and crossing our own borders. Next to our Dutch platform, this led to the creation of our German platform, in 2018. Our platforms are designed to help Dutch and German Yobseekers find their dream job abroad. However, our ambitions don’t end there. Our goal is to expand even further and to serve not only Dutch Employees or German Employees, but also many others. This requires a name change and therefore Dutch Employees is rebranded into Yobbers!

The goal of the company has always been to connect adventurous Yobseekers to interesting international businesses. Now, we have set ourselves an even higher goal: we want to make this possible for Yobseekers all over the world. This led us towards a new mission: “Connecting Worlds”. It is important to us to connect worlds, because we believe that people should share knowledge and learn from each other. By going abroad, people get a chance to learn about other cultures, and eventually, they can take this new worldview back home.

The formation of Yobbers

The name Yobbers was chosen because of its “community feeling”. We want people to feel connected and to be able to proudly say “I’m a Yobber”. Apart from the name, it is interesting to explain the branding of Yobbers. When looking at the Yobbers brand, one can see that it contains a circle consisting of three levels, each representing one of our stakeholders. The employers, the Yobseekers and Yobbers all need each other to create something magical. When looking at the logo specifically, one can see that every element represents one of the stakeholders. The pin represents the employees for their new location abroad, the tie represents the employers and the globe stands for Yobbers operating globally.

With this rebranding, we want to exceed your expectations and deliver an even higher quality of service than you were used to. In the future, Yobbers will focus on more markets in order to serve even more international employers abroad. An important note, our job platforms Grenzelooswerk and Grenzenlosarbeiten keep operating as they are.

Are you an employer in need of foreign employees, don’t hesitate to contact us and see what we can do for your company in terms of recruitment!