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Jobs in Denmark

Denmark is ranked in the top ten happiest countries in the world. But also the land of fjords, Vikings and fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen. It is the ideal destination for working abroad. Quickly read why!

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Typical Danish 

Denmark is known for its humour and friendliness. Locals are open to new friendships and are happy to have a coffee with you. In Denmark, a few seconds of silence in a conversation is also not considered 'awkward' (keep this in mind). On the contrary, they think this is ideal, so you can take a minute to think. In general, Danish is of course spoken in Denmark, but many locals also speak good English! Furthermore, the inhabitants of Denmark are real food lovers (which is fine by us). As such, the country has several restaurants with Michelin stars. While living and working in Denmark, you should definitely try the Scandinavian cuisine! Try, for instance, a typical Danish 'rød pølse' (a kind of hot dog) or the popular 'gravad laks' (raw salmon).


With not extremely hot summers and fairly mild winters, Denmark is a lovely country to live and work in. With around 700 hours of sunshine in the summer, you will enjoy your time here! Summer temperatures are often between 20 and 24 degrees.

A sunset on the danish west coast

In Denmark, most of the European's public holidays are also celebrated (Christmas, Pentecost, New Year's Day, etc.). There are also a number of other national holidays that are celebrated, such as on 8 May Store Bededag (Great Day of Prayer). This is a prayer day (for crops, for instance) on which most residents do not have to work. Hot wheat rolls are often eaten on that day (varme hveder). Also, 5 June is an annual bank holidays, namely Grudnlov's Day (Constitution Day). Basically, this is only a 'half' public holiday, as offices do not close until noon.


While living and working in Denmark, you can pay with the Danish Krone (DKK). It is also possible to pay with your debit and credit card. Need to withdraw cash? Don't panic, Denmark has plenty of 'hæveautomat' (ATMs). Furthermore, you can also pay contactless and in some tourist spots you can also pay with euros.

a danish city from above

The Must-See's in Denmark

Are you going to live and work in Denmark? Then be sure to visit the popular capital Copenhagen. This fun city is full of historical spots, but at the same time has many hip hotspots! For example, visit the cute pastel-coloured houses on NyHavn quay or go shopping on Strøget square. Of course, Copenhagen is also a great place to eat and there are plenty of nice restaurants and bars. Had enough of city life for a while? Then explore the beautiful nature of Denmark. How about hiking along the Møns Klint cliffs? An impressive nature reserve with spectacular chalk cliffs. 


Your first Danish words!

Godmorgen! - Good morning! 

Hvordan har du det? - How are you?

Mit navn er ... - My name is ...

Jeg er fra ... - I'm from ...

Mange tak. - Thank you very much.

Farvel! - Goodbye!