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The perfect combination of stunning architecture, amazing scenery, and a bustling capital city can be found in Hungary. Living and working in Hungary allows you to experience native cuisine, hot summers, and cultural diversity. Is Hungary the perfect place for you? Find your answer to this below!

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Things to do in Hungary

Hungary is a beautiful country, and the capital Budapest is still the most popular city to visit. The country offers both incredible landscapes and the most astonishing architecture in its cities. Lake Balaton, the pupil megacity Pécs and the small town of Szentendre are the most popular areas to visit besides the capital. Moreover, in Budapest, the Parliament Building and Dohány Street Synagogue are the most popular attractions among tourists! There is a lot more to sightsee, so better not to overlook those beautiful buildings during your stay in Budapest. 

Anyone who appreciates relaxation and spa treatments must visit the Cave Bath in Miskolc-Tapolca. This natural cave system contains a thermal spa bath which can only be visited by wading in by the way! Isn't that exciting?

Hungary in the winter

Typical Hungarian


Goulash is probably one of the first foods that come to mind when thinking about Hungarian culture. This delicious Hungarian dish, which is served in most restaurants, is a soup often made with beef, potatoes, paprika, and vegetables. 

Moreover, Palinka, a strong fruit brandy, is without a doubt the most traditional liquor. In the entire nation, there are more than 600 Palinka distilleries. Did you know that there are several flavors of Palinka? With an alcohol percentage between 37 and 52%, you won't be able to taste many of those flavors, so drink it carefully. Cheers!


If you live and work in Hungary, you will undoubtedly make some local friends. Here is some advice for having a birthday party with Hungarian friends: It's common for Hungarians not to open presents in front of guests, so don't be surprised if your friend or colleague does the same. Another thing to bear in mind when living in Hungary is that it is considered polite to speak quietly in public. Are the people sitting next to you on the tram or bus whispering to one another? Don’t worry, they are not gossiping, they are only polite and don't want to bother other passengers.


The Busójárás celebration is held six days before the day of Ash Wednesday. The locals parade through the town while wearing traditional masks with demonic features.

Depending on who you believe, this tradition has its origin in either a historical attempt to scare off intruders or a relic of the pagan ritual of frightening off winter.

You can choose from the diverse selection of exotic masks, as well as try the local food and listen to folk music. Make sure to check dates in advance as the celebration changes depending on when Easter occurs.

Hungary has a relatively mild climate, which surprises many people. Being located between continental and oceanic environments, you will enjoy lovely warm summers between 25 and 30 degrees. During the winter, though, it can get rather chilly with below-freezing temperatures. You can still enjoy the sun in the winter in Hungary because of the country's typically dry climate. 

Want to go shopping in Hungary? You will have some calculations ahead of you, so hopefully, all the maths you learned in school is still fresh in your memory. The Hungarian Forint is the currency used in Hungary. Due to the constantly fluctuating currency rate, one euro is roughly equivalent to 410 Forints. You may calculate the price of your new purchase in euros by dividing all costs by 4.

Budapest city

Language basics in Hungarian!

Egészségedre! - Cheers!

Jó reggelt, jó délutánt, jó estét - Good morning, good afternoon, good evening

iszunk együtt pálinkát? - Shall we drink palinka?