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Can you see yourself working in Italy, the country of pizza, pasta and espresso? Or would you rather lie under a brightly coloured parasol on the beach after a day of work? Then don't wait any longer and take a look at our jobs in Italy!

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Typical Italian 

Are you going to work in Italy and also adopt a bit of dolce vita into your life? There are some typical Italian customs and habits that you almost have to adopt! They are not so strange or boring, take coffee for example… Italians love coffee and drink it all day long. But what you should never, ever do? Drinking cappuccino after dinner! Italians don't agree with this at all and think it's very bad, it should be an espresso, of course. In fact, it's almost a shame if you drink it after breakfast. Going out for dinner after a day of work? Then remember not to cut your pasta! Making pasta is a lot of work, which is almost considered an insult. For Italians, it is also the most common thing to make una passeggiata from work to home. During this walk, they discuss the latest news from the neighbourhood and talk about work, family and that sort of thing.


Most times, the weather in Italy is pleasant and warm. Italy has different climate zones, ranging from a warm maritime climate to a high mountain climate. Of course, this is also due to the diversity of the Italian landscape. The weather can be beautiful one day and rainy two days later. Fortunately, the summer months are always quite warm, but also quite dry. So it's also a great holiday destination! But don't forget to count on a rain or thunderstorm here and there if you head north. Italy also has a bit of the Alps and the Dolomites, where there is also snow and very good skiing!

Snow on Italian Mountains

Italy celebrates their Freedom on the 25th of April. On that day, they commemorate the end of the Nazi occupation and celebrate freedom. Parades are organised in all kinds of cities to celebrate! Italy has also celebrated Republic Day on 2 June since 1946. Because on that date, in that year, the republic was elected at the expense of the monarchy. It is an official day off, and there are parades all over the country on this day. The day after Halloween, a more serious festival is celebrated, namely Ognissanti. This is a Christian festival where saints are commemorated and families go out together. The day after Ognissanti is the Giorno dei Morti. This is a beautiful festival where all the deceased relatives of Italians are commemorated. 


Italy is part of the European Union and the Eurozone. This makes it easy and convenient to pay with your euros. This saves you having to change money again!

Views from Lake Garda

The Must-See's in Italy

Have you ever been to Milan or just don't feel the need to go? Then discover the second-largest city in Northern Italy after Milan: Turin! Once a boring industrial city, it is now a real attraction. You have all sorts of museums and department stores! If you need a bit of romance while working in Italy, you should definitely visit Florence. The city has super cute squares, galleries, and bridges and is the city of many artists. The name De Medici may ring a bell, as this family took over Florence in the 15th century. They made sure that the city has so many artistic treasures today! Finally, Pompeii is also a place that many tourists and locals love to visit. After all, you can climb one of the two actives volcano in continental Europe: Mount Vesuvius. You can also see it very well from Naples itself! In Pompeii, you can also visit and see all kinds of excavations. In fact, the city was completely destroyed by Vesuvius a long time ago.


Your first words!

Come ti chiami? - What is your name?

Un gelato grande per favore. - A large gelato, please.

Qual’è il miglior ristorante qui vicino? - Where can I eat the best food here?