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Lisa’s experience with living & working in Valencia!

2 October, 2023 by Photo from Lisa Lisa  ◦  33 views  ◦  4 minutes reading time
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Valencia, the place where Spanish culture thrives! Lisa has been living there for over a year now and she never gets bored!

Curious about what it's like to live and work in Valencia? 🇪🇸 Well, get ready because you're about to read about it in this blog from Lisa! 


Moving to Spain

Next week, it will mark a year since I made the bold decision to pack my bags and go on this thrilling adventure in an incredible city! I can't express my gratitude enough to Yobbers for making it all possible. I studied Leisure & Events Management, which you'd think is the perfect foundation for an internship or a minor abroad, right? But, life had other plans. The COVID-19 pandemic hit, and my dreams seemed to vanish into thin air.


Someday, I'll live in Spain."


When my uncle purchased a house about an hour from Valencia and we spent numerous vacations there, I became absolutely certain about the decision. I said, “Someday, I'll live in Spain”. The first time I set foot in Valencia, I instantly felt the vibrant energy of this amazing city and the warm, inviting atmosphere. And then, as my studies almost finished and I was sorting through my mailbox, there it was – a newsletter from Yobbers. I had signed up ages ago, so I decided to give their website a whirl. I applied for a bunch of job openings and got in touch with recruiter Lisa. She played a pivotal role in helping me land a full-time job at Rabobank in Valencia. After a few interviews, the stars aligned, and my adventure was finally set in motion! 


Living in Valencia

Fast forward to today, it has almost been a year since I hopped on that plane with just two suitcases, bound for Valencia, for an open-ended journey. Initially, I thought, "Maybe I'll stay a year," but time has flown by, and I've fallen head over heels for this place. The sun, the atmosphere, the friendly locals, and the incredible lifestyle – it all seems made for me! After work, you'll often find me enjoying drinks with friends or going out for dinner. Life in Spain is a complete flip from the Netherlands. Back home, your day pretty much ends when you return from work, as you chow down a quick dinner and collapse on the couch, gearing up for the next workday. But here, it's quite the opposite! My day usually starts when I shut my laptop and step out of the office! 


In love with the city

Apart from working in Valencia, there's so much to discover in the city, with plenty of things to do. Almost every evening, there's a themed night at St. Patrick's. This is an Irish pub where a lot of sports are broadcasted, and it's also frequented by many international students. Every Thursday night, there's a beer pong tournament you can join with a team, there are game nights with mega Jenga, and on Mondays, there's a language exchange to practice with Spanish speakers! Moreover, there are many opportunities to meet other Dutch people in Valencia, such as every Sunday at Hands Up Volleyball. Every Sunday afternoon, the net is set up near Akuarela Playa. You can buy a pass and participate 10 times, it's a lot of fun to meet new people! Happy Erasmus also organizes fun trips outside the city, like hikes or day trips to other cities, definitely worth it!

hotspots in Valencia must sees living and working in Spain

I've discovered so many delightful places in Valencia so far, and I'm still not tired of it! The old town with its enchanting streets and cozy pubs, it’s perfect for endless strolls. The Turia Park, where I often gather with friends for sunny picnics. The beach where you can bask in the sun on a terrace even in December. And let's not forget those rooftop terraces with jaw-dropping views of the entire city – I honestly can't pick a favorite! 


From a job through Yobbers to a job at Yobbers

Yet, after more than 10 months at Rabobank, I sensed the need for a change, something fresh and exciting. I knew I wanted to stay in Valencia, but a new job seemed to call my name. Naturally, my first stop for job hunting was Yobbers; they were the ones who initially opened the door to Spain for me. I stumbled upon an intriguing job listing – a recruiter position at Yobbers itself! Without hesitation, I sent in my application! Luckily, I got the job, and now, I'm part of an absolutely fantastic and international team, spending my days talking to people about experiences I've lived through! The leap I took to work abroad stands as the best decision I've ever made, and I'm eagerly looking forward to inspiring even more people on their own incredible journey!


Feeling inspired to live and work in Valencia, just like Lisa? Check out our job vacancies in Valencia and get ready to kickstart your adventure! 🌍🎉

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