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Earn a reward of €300,-

Inspire a friend
Help a friend with finding a nice job abroad and earn yourself a nice reward worth €300. You read that right: a win-win situation!
  • 1. Tell your friend
    1. Tell your friend
    Your friend wants to work abroad? Or join you in this adventure abroad? Amazing! You can refer them to us!
  • 2. Send the link
    2. Send the link
    Go to your Yobbers profile. There you can find a personal link to share with your friends who want to go abroad!
  • 3. Sharing is caring
    3. Sharing is caring
    Once your friend has applied, the application process starts. He will soon be introduced to a company abroad.
  • 4. Congrats!
    4. Congrats!
    Your friend is hired! Congratulations! Now you just need to wait until your friend completes the trial period
  • 5. Successfully referred
    5. Successfully referred
    Your friend completed the trial period. You will receive an email from us and you can now claim your reward! Referral is a success.

The Rules

  • The reward only applies when your friend starts a 'permanent' job abroad.The referral program therefore does not apply to seasonal and volunteer jobs.

  • You will only receive the reward if your friend has been hired and successfully completed their trial period with the employer, which typically lasts for three months. After this period, you will receive an email from us to claim your reward.

  • The reward only applies if your friend is not already listed in our database and does not have a Yobbers profile yet.

  • You will receive the reward if your friend starts a 'permanent' job within six months. The entitlement to the reward expires six months after your friend's introduction to the company.

  • The choice of reward cannot be changed after receipt.

  • If you choose to donate to a non-profit organization, Yobbers will handle the amount of your chosen donation and send proof of it to the email address you provide.

  • Yobbers reserves the right to reject any application if the promotional conditions are not met.

  • General conditions applied by Yobbers B.V.

Working abroad together
Working abroad

The options

Referral rewards
Money maker!
Receive €300 Cash and who knows maybe you want to invite your friends for a drink from your reward!
Donating money
Donate a part of your reward and support a non-profit organisation.
Do you want to give something back? Then you can donate a part of your reward to One Tree Planted. One Tree Planted is a non-proift organisatoin that plants trees in countries around the world. You decide on how much you want to donate, we will pay you out the rest.