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Working in Bulgaria

Do you want to live and work in Bulgaria? This unique country is located on the Balkan peninsula in the southeast of Europe. Bulgaria has numerous beautiful nature areas and sights to discover. Find out why you should live and work in Bulgaria!

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Typical Bulgarian

You will quickly notice that Bulgarians are incredibly hospitable and helpful people. A typical bulgarian custom is, that if you are named after a god, your name day is celebrated with music, lots of good food and drinks. So don't be surprised if, as a resident, you are invited to a party organised for your neighbour's name day.  

Imagine: You meet the love of your life during your time working in Bulgaria and want to give the person flowers. In that case, we have a useful tip for you: Never give a bouquet with an even number of flowers, that is only done at funerals. Furthermore, it is not always the norm for cars to stop at a zebra crossing, so watch out when crossing the road!

Are you a true coffee lover? Then this will be interesting for you: When you order just a coffee, you will get an espresso. To get a Long Black, you have to order a Schwartz Cafe or a Dulgo Cafe. Other coffee variations like Cappuccino or Caffe Latte are of course also available. Bulgarians usually only drink 1 cup of coffee. Find out why during your time working in Bulgaria!

Bulgarian capital Sofia

When living and working in Bulgaria, you can expect beautiful weather (even in winter)! This is why the country is very popular amongst tourists. After work, you can enjoy a drink on your balcony or terrace and enjoy the average of 9 hours of sunshine and temperatures reaching 30 degrees in the summer months. You will definitely get the chance to work on your tan! 

Same as in your home country, there will be public holidays when you live and work in Bulgaria. Keep in mind that this will impact public transportation and be prepared as it sometimes completely down. A special celebration for Bulgarians is the wine harvest Trifon Zarezan, which is celebrated on the 14. February. Then on the first of March, the Martenitsi takes place. On this day, everyone wears white and red tassels to celebrate the health and happiness that spring brings. Another special celebration is Independence day on the 3. of March. 

When working in Bulgaria, May will certainly be your favourite month: on the 1. May is Labour Day, the 6. May is the Day of Courage and of the Bulgarian Army (also known as St George's Day), the 8. May is International Women's Day where all women are off, and the 24. May is Cyril and Methodius Day. Spread over the year, there are many more public holidays. A good country to be an employee! 

Overall, Bulgaria's local life is surprisingly cheap compared to other European countries. Bulgaria has a different currency than the euro. Here, you pay with Lev, whereas one 1 Lev is the equivalent of €0.50. 

Nessebar in Bulgaria

The Must-See's in Bulgaria 

In the Bulgarian capital Sofia, you will find thousands of years of culture and history, often in the form of golden decorated churches and monuments. For instance the impressive Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is definitely a Must-See in Sofia. Did you know that you can also Ski in Bulgaria? The 20 km-long ski resort Vitosha is located very close to Sofia and easily accessible from there! If you prefer the sun and the coast, you should check out Sunny Beach, Golden Sands or one of the quiet seaside towns like Obzor. Maybe you could go on a trip on one of the many public holidays?

Only 5 km from Sunny Beach is Nessebar, a town considered the pearl of the Black Sea! This town has a historic centre and is even on the UNESCO World Heritage List. There, you will find charming shops, bars and breathtaking churches, so it is definitely right for you if you are into culture and photography. Surely a good location to get those insta-shots in! We also recommend you to take the ferry from Nessebar to one of the oldest towns on the Bulgarian Sea, Sozopol, to see typical Bulgarian houses from the 17th century. Varna is a Must-See too! Bulgaria's third largest city and can be easily reached via Obzor or Golden Sands. In fact, it used to be one of the country's biggest resorts, but with the rise of Sunny Beach and Golden Sands, it has now become more of a place for locals. You have an awful lot of colourful buildings in Varna and bars where you can enjoy a delicious cocktail.

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