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Jobs in Portugal

Portugal has everything you could wish for! Colourful, romantic towns, cute villages, beautiful beaches, a rich history and fabulous landscapes. You will find the perfect option matching your preferences! Portugal is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in Europe for a reason. Check it out!

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Things to do in Portugal

Sunny weather, warm temperatures and a great mix of city life and countryside - in Portugal you are going to have an unforgettable time! You can go on a road trip starting off in Porto and driving along the coast to Algarve in the South. On your way you can stop in Lisbon to enjoy the sights like the imposing São Jorge Castle or explore the city with the yellow tram or enjoy the sunset on a boat tour with some Portuguese wine! In Portugal the public transport is very well connected and therefore you don't even need a car if you want to explore the surroundings!

Additionally, you should definitely try the most famous dessert in Portugal, the puff pastry with custard, called Pastel de Nata! You can get these delicacies on almost every corner, together with a bica, the Portuguese version of espresso. 

Originating from the Douro Valley near Porto, the Portuguese have a sweet wine called Port, which is exclusively produced in Portugal. It is made from grapes grown in the Alto Douro region and is definitely worth a try!

When you live and work in Portugal you can go to one of the many beaches, for a swim or just relax in the sun. The beaches are great to chill with your friends or enjoy some peace on a walk by yourself.

Porto Pastel de Nata

Typical Portuguese

Portugal is one of the warmer countries in Europe. The country has a Mediterranean climate with around 300 days of sunshine a year! Especially in summer it is warm and dry. On the coast, it usually feels a little cooler due to the fresh breeze from the sea. 

But also the winters are very mild in Portugal, because it doesn't get very cold. It is comparable to  spring in other European countries like Germany or Belgium, with average temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius. 

A typical Portuguese music style is "Fado". Traditionally, the music is made with a Portuguese and a classical guitar - together with a singer. Fado is Portuguese and means something like fate. The works of this style are characterised by unhappy love, longings and misfortunes. Until 2002, the Portuguese used the Portuguese escduo as their currency, but now they are using the euro. On June 20th, the Portuguese celebrate their national holiday, Dia de Portugal. Portugal's most famous poet Luis de Camoes is particularly celebrated. Another important holiday, perhaps the most important, is on April 25th. On this day everyone celebrates freedom! On Dia de liverdale there are parades and fireworks everywhere!

Portugal girls with surf boards on the beach

Portugese Language Basics

Olá, como está? - Hello, how are you?

Posso pedir algo? - Can I order something?

Falo Ingles. - I speak English.


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