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The 5 Cheapest Countries to Live in Europe

Last update: 22 February, 2024  ◦  11 December, 2023 by Photo from Linda Linda  ◦  36 views  ◦  4 minutes reading time
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Explore Europe’s cheapest countries to live in from Portugal to Bulgaria and start planning your move to a more cost efficient lifestyle! 🌞💰

Europe offers many destinations with a cheaper cost of living. What better way to move abroad to enjoy a new career opportunity and immerse yourself into the local culture without holding back? In this blog we’ll dive into the cheapest countries to live in, in Europe. 🌍💸


1. Portugal

Welcome to Portugal, where affordability meets a rich European experience, creating a cost-effective haven. The real estate market offers a range of affordable options, from city apartments to countryside villas. 🏰 Portugal's low cost of living allows residents to enjoy quality groceries, dining, and daily expenses without breaking the bank. The healthcare system is efficient and surprisingly affordable, providing peace of mind without hefty price tags. With a well-connected and reasonably priced transportation system, exploring the country's diverse landscapes is both convenient and economical. 🚌 Portugal's rich cultural offerings, from museums to festivals, allow for immersive experiences without financial strain. 


Example prices in Lisbon:

  • One-way bus ticket ≈ €2
  • Monthly rent ≈ €650
  • Meal in a restaurant ≈ €10
  • Cup of coffee ≈ €1,50

2. Bulgaria

Bulgaria has often been given the nickname of “cheapest country in Europe” and not without reason! This country captivates with its diverse landscapes and offers an incredibly affordable lifestyle. The country offers something for everyone; enjoy the beach vibes in Varna, get lost in history in Plovdiv or jump into the cosmopolitan hustle of the capital city, Sofia. In Sofia, visitors (or residents 😉) can also admire the beauty of the unique combination of Roman, Ottoman, and Byzantine architecture. Beyond the affordability that makes everyday life a breeze, Bulgaria invites you to discover the dynamic blend of history, nature, and contemporary life that sets it apart in the European tapestry.


Example prices in Sofia:

  • One-way bus ticket ≈ €0,80
  • Monthly rent ≈ €300
  • Meal in a restaurant ≈ €6
  • Cup of coffee ≈ €1

3. Greece

Welcome to the cradle of Western civilization—Greece, where the sun-kissed landscapes not only captivate the soul but also offer an affordable haven for those seeking a European lifestyle without the hefty price tag. Although the average salaries are low compared to the rest of Europe, the quality of life is still considered to be high, thanks to the overall low cost of services. Embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle with fresh produce markets, local tavernas, and … The greek healthcare system, known for its accessibility, provides quality medical services at a fraction of the price compared to many European counterparts. 🏥 Additionally, with an extensive and reasonable public transportation system, exploring ancient ruins, pristine beaches, and vibrant cities becomes not only convenient but also affordable. 🏖 Don’t compromise your financial peace of mind and check out our vacancies in Greece! 


Example prices in Athens:

  • One-way bus ticket ≈ €1,50
  • Monthly rent ≈ €400
  • Meal in a restaurant ≈ €8
  • Cup of coffee ≈ €1,50

4. Romania

Romania - Eastern Europe’s hidden gem lures you in with the low costs, friendly locals, advanced safety standards, and delightful Romanian cuisine. 🇷🇴 The cuisine is a delightful mix of flavors, influenced by various regions and cultures. 🍰 Celebrate the flavors of hearty stews like mămăligă and sweet treats like cozonac, all without breaking the bank. Outside of the world of food you can explore medieval castles, and venture to the Carpathian Mountains to discover breathtaking natural wonders. 🗻 From Transylvania's historic architecture to the bustling city of Bucharest, Romania has something for everyone! 


Example prices in Bucharest:

  • One-way bus ticket ≈ €0,60
  • Monthly rent ≈ €500
  • Meal in a restaurant ≈ €7
  • Cup of coffee ≈ €0,90

5. Spain

Indulge in the allure of Spain, a nation where affordable living seamlessly intertwines with sun-soaked landscapes, a dynamic culture, and a storied history. 🇪🇸🌞 The diverse real estate market offers options ranging from urban apartments to charming Mediterranean villas, accommodating various budgetary considerations. Residents benefit from Spain's modest cost of living, enabling them to relish the internationally acclaimed cuisine, explore historic sites, and partake in the lively ambiance of local markets without straining their finances. Like in any other country living in big cities like Barcelona and Madrid, despite still being cheap, can be a lot more expensive than venturing out to the smaller towns. If I were you, I’d check out our vacancies for Spain already! 🏃‍♀️ If you’re not convinced yet, check out our other blog about the pros and cons of living in Spain. 


Example prices in Madrid:

  • One-way bus ticket ≈ €1,50
  • Monthly rent ≈ €800
  • Meal in a restaurant ≈ €10
  • Cup of coffee ≈ €1,50

These budget-friendly European destinations offer not only economic advantages but also diverse cultures, scenic landscapes, and rich histories to explore. As you ponder the possibilities of an international move, why not take the first step towards a new adventure? Apply for a job abroad and unlock the opportunity to immerse yourself in the affordability and charm of these countries! 🌍

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