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The 6 best food hotspots in Sofia!

15 May, 2023 by
Lucie  ◦  47 views  ◦  3 minutes Reading time
Image of Sofia with different bubbles of different specialities

Are you going on holiday to Bulgaria or will you move to the beautiful Sofia for a longer period of time? Then don't miss these 6 food hotspots in the land of roses! Bulgaria is known for its microclimate, which is very favourable for roses to bloom. A good picker harvests about 60 kg a day - almost 20,000 roses! But the local gastronomy is als flourishing in Bulgaria!

1. Central Market

The construction of the building, which covers 3,200 square meters, began in 1909.

Until the end of the 1940s, the Sofia Municipality rented about 170 shops and stalls in the Central Sofia Market Hall. The quality of the products was therefore strictly regulated.

Today, this covered market offers a wide variety of food stalls at affordable prices. Visitors can choose from a selection of local and international dishes, including soups, sandwiches, salads, seafood and grills.

Central Marcado of Sofia seen from above with stalls

2. Niko'las  

Niko'las is the perfect place to eat traditional bulgar cuisine in Sofia. There is a 5 courses menu for €45 , main courses from €15 and desserts from €5. The restaurant offers dishes prepared according to family recipes, with local and seasonal ingredients, in an elegant and sophisticated setting. Please note that the restaurant does not accept children under the age of 12. Think about booking  in advance as the restaurant is very popular.

3. Rainbow Factory 

The Rainbow Factory offers creative and colourful vegetarian cuisine, prepared with organic and local ingredients. Breakfast dishes are particularly popular. The food is served in a comfortable and relaxed setting, with particular attention paid to presentation. You can also enjoy a drink or a freshly prepared detox juice at very affordable prices.

4. MoMa

MoMa restaurant in Sofia is a popular gastronomic spot for contemporary Bulgarian cuisine’s lovers. The restaurant's menu is based on local and seasonal ingredients, and each dish is carefully prepared and elegantly presented. The restaurant offers a chic and modern atmosphere, with a minimalist setting and a breathtaking view of the city. MoMa is also known for its selection of quality Bulgarian wines, which perfectly complement the tasty dishes on the menu. Starters and salads start from €5, main courses from €10 and desserts from €4.

5. Ribs Brothers 

The Ribs Brothers restaurant in Sofia is located in a shopping center but offers great food. It is a must-visit restaurant for meat and barbecue lovers. The restaurant's menu focuses on ribs, which are prepared slowly and carefully to ensure tender and juicy meat. The ribs are accompanied by their special homemade sauces and side dishes such as fries, grilled vegetables and fresh salads. The setting is comfortable and relaxed, with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Ribs Brothers is an excellent choice for those looking for a casual place to enjoy tasty meat in Sofia.

6. Boho

Boho Restaurant in Sofia is a restaurant that offers a selection of creative dishes, prepared with fresh and quality ingredients. For a brunch, coffee, burger or quality dish with local and seasonal products in a stylish and sophisticated setting with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant also offers a selection of homemade cocktails and local wines to match with the great food. Boho is an ideal place for food lovers looking to discover a new approach to international cuisine in Sofia.

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