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Finding accommodation abroad

Finding accommodation abroad

You will live and work abroad but have many questions about housing? Nothing more normal!

Are you going abroad through Yobbers?

Some of the companies we partner with provide accommodation. So if you go abroad via Yobbers, you are most likely taken care of and do not have to worry! If the company doesn’t provide accommodation, you can find advice and tips on finding housing abroad on this page!

On this page, we will give you advice on how you can find accommodation for your new life abroad. The housing market differs per location. Therefore, we give you some suggestions and tips per country.

Our tips for housing abroad!

  • 1. Prepare

    Preparation is key. Create a folder to collect and save the necessary documents.

  • 2. Consider the different options

    Have a look at other options. Consider staying with a guest family or check out Facebook groups for possibilities.

  • 3. Learn about the city

    Inform yourself about the different neighbourhoods, hotspots and distance to the office!

  • 4. Increase your chances

    It is better to send a message too much than not enough. If you see something interesting, reach out to the one offering the housing. A simple message is not binding; consider your options!

  • 5. Get all the information

    Whether remotely or face-to-face, ask for all the necessary information beforehand.

  • 6. Double check

    Check the contract carefully. Only sign it if you are sure it is trustworthy, and everything is clear.

More tips for you!

Esther, lives in Budapest for 1 month

Try to find a long-term stay via Airbnb. In Budapest, many apartments are available for longer stays, and the hosts even give you a discount when you rent the apartment for a longer period.

Daan, lives in Barcelona for 1,5 years

Make sure you are in touch with the correct person and, in the best case, the person you can have the viewing with. Translate everything or ask a friend who speaks the language for help!

Elodie, lives in Valencia for 5 years

Do not be discouraged by the number of available accommodations and offers. Try to contact the point of contact directly for a more personalised process.

Laura, lives in the netherlands for 6 years

The Netherlands' housing market is competitive; be extra reactive and look at Facebook groups.