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Find your accommodation in Lisbon!

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With its steep slopes and distinctive features, Lisbon is a city with districts to suit everyone’s tastes. In this blog we will tell you everything about finding accommodation in the capital of Portugal!

🏛️ Did you know that Portugal is one of the oldest nations in Europe? The borders of the were defined in 1139! Lisbon is Portugal's capital and largest city. With its steep slopes and distinctive features, this is a city with districts to suit everyone’s tastes. The city is made up of 10 major districts with their peculiar features and atmospheres. In general, life in Portugal is considered inexpensive compared to the European average. However, the real estate market has experienced significant growth in Lisbon. The average rental price of an apartment in the city center increased by 48% between March 2022 and March 2023, rising from €830 to €1230. For a room in a shared apartment in Lisbon, you can expect to pay around €500 per month.

How to find accommodation? 

1. Websites that can be useful when looking for a flat in Lisbon!

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2. Social networks

You can find associations, organisations or groups of expats and students by searching the name of your host city in your social network. Erasmus cities often have Erasmus associations that allow you to find groups based on your interests, especially in the search for accommodation.

  • Facebook & Messenger Groups

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  • Whatsapp Groups
  • Instagram accounts
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Housing, yes, but where?

Baixa and Chiado🎨

Baixa/Chiado is one of the most central and dynamic neighbourhoods in Lisbon. Located in the heart of the city, it offers a unique blend of history, culture, and modernity. Baixa, with its wide boulevards and elegant squares, showcases the architectural grandeur of the city. Iconic places like Praça do Comércio, which symbolises Lisbon's maritime past, can be found here. The neighbourhood breathes a bohemian charm and an artistic atmosphere. It is known for its lively streets lined with fashionable shops, trendy cafes, and bustling bookshops. For a long time, it has been a meeting place for intellectuals, writers, and artists, making it a hub of creativity. Moreover, the neighbourhood has excellent connections to other parts of the city, making it easy to explore the rest of Lisbon.


Budget: The popularity of this neighbourhood makes accommodations in the area quite inaccessible and expensive.

Alfama & Mouraria🏛️

These two neighbourhoods, located in the central-east part of Lisbon, have a postcard-worthy charm with breathtaking views, making them highly recommended by tourist guides. Gentrification has had a strong impact on these once-authentic neighbourhoods, sometimes pushing residents to leave their homes, which have been replaced by Airbnb rentals. Nevertheless, they remain peaceful and pleasant areas to live in, with steep streets and small local shops. The sense of community is very much present in these neighbourhoods, with numerous bars and restaurants contributing to the vibrancy of local life.


Budget: This district has few apartments at the top end of the price range for accommodation in Lisbon.

The neighbourhood of Graça is visible from most viewpoints in the city as it is located on Lisbon's highest hill. It is a radiant vestige of the pre-globalisation Lisbon atmosphere. Indeed, it is one of the few neighbourhoods still inhabited by some locals who have not abandoned the city centre. A few foreign communities have also settled there. In the past, the neighbourhood grew when the earthquake struck the rest of the historic centre severely. Many families took up residence in its still-intact houses. This neighbourhood is categorised as residential and diverse. If you are looking for an authentic and peaceful neighbourhood to live in Lisbon, Graça could be a good option.


Budget: This neighbourhood offers several housing options, especially if you intend to stay there long term.


The neighbourhood of Intendente has transformed in a few years from an unsafe place to the trendiest district in the Portuguese capital! Since 2012 and a rehabilitation project, it has experienced a revival. You'll see young professionals, travellers looking to explore beyond the city centre, and numerous digital nomads occupying the ubiquitous co-working spaces. Exploring this dynamic neighbourhood of Intendente will keep you busy for quite some time with its scattered street art works and unique cafes. Additionally, you'll be within close proximity to several other points of interest to continue your visit. It's a highly popular neighbourhood among students and is well-served by public transportation.


Budget: This neighbourhood is ideal for students and young professionals. You'll find plenty of housing options available.

Bica ⚓️
The Bica neighbourhood is one of the districts in the historic centre of Lisbon. Bica is part of the traditional neighbourhoods in the city centre. In the past, it was a residential area for fishermen. Today, it is known for its small bars, shops, and its funicular. The neighbourhood exudes a calm and authentic atmosphere. It is appreciated by those seeking a peaceful and typical neighbourhood of Lisbon, with its narrow streets, colourful houses, and viewpoints that offer panoramic views of the city.


Budget: This neighbourhood has limited housing options and can be quite expensive.


Cais do Sodré🎶
Formerly a red-light district when sailors docked in Lisbon, this neighbourhood was long disadvantaged. However, it has undergone a complete rehabilitation and is now one of the most pleasant areas in the capital. Pink Street: characterised by a pink strip in the centre of the street, this quiet street during the day comes alive during the aperitif hour and throughout the night. It is best explored in the early evening.


Budget: You can find reasonably priced, mid-range accommodations in this welcoming neighbourhood.


Principe Real🍸
This is the neighbourhood in Lisbon that has evolved the most in recent years. Trendy shops, a palace transformed into upscale boutiques, hipster and organic cafes, and restaurants, etc. This neighbourhood is popular among tourists, but you will also see affluent residents shopping there. It's very pleasant to take a stroll in this area, and there is a beautiful garden to the east of the neighbourhood. However, traditional small places are becoming increasingly rare. 


Budget: Accommodations can be found in this neighbourhood, but they are relatively expensive.


Bairro Alto 🎏
Bairro Alto is a typical Lisbon neighbourhood, with its narrow and winding streets, colourful houses, and small shops. It's a lively and popular area, known for its vibrant nightlife and trendy bars, which may not be suitable for those seeking peace and tranquillity. If you're looking for a lively and authentic neighbourhood, Bairro Alto could be the ideal place.


Budget: There are accommodations available in different price ranges, so you'll eventually find your perfect fit.

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