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Dalicia's amazing gap year adventure in Lisbon!

18 May, 2023 by
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Taag river and bridge on a sunny day with beautiful sky in lisbon, Portugal

Are you just finishing school or college and still uncertain about what to study? Or are you simply looking for a fantastic adventure abroad? Dalicia chose to take a gap year abroad and is now working as a customer service representative in the beautiful city of Lisbon. In this experience blog, you'll read about Dalicia's experience of living and working in the Portuguese capital!

The start of my gap year in Lisbon! 

After high school, I struggled to find an appealing educational path. I didn't want to choose something I wasn't fully committed to, and the idea of college life didn't quite resonate with me yet. I preferred to explore more of the world before diving into my studies. Moving abroad for work seemed like a great opportunity, especially the chance to discover new people and cultures, which excited me!


Fortunately, the job application process with Yobbers went smoothly and was well-defined for me. After applying, I was contacted promptly. I had a few phone interviews and also had to complete online tests to assess my suitability for the job. Thankfully, everything went well. I received guidance in submitting my documents and purchasing a plane ticket.

The day of departure... 

The day finally arrived, the day of departure! Upon arriving at Lisbon airport, my new employer welcomed me right away. They took me to a hotel where I could spend the first night. I instantly met three other people who were also going to work on the same project as me, which was a nice surprise! The following day, I was taken to the office where I had to undergo some tests, especially due to COVID precautions. I received my work equipment and was escorted to my new home!

Viewpoint in Lisbon, Portugal with beautiful colored houses and the Taag river

Assisting customers from Lisbon! 

I work for a customer service company, and I operate smoothly from my apartment, addressing inquiries from various clients. It feels rewarding to assist people and make them happy. The company I work for has multiple projects, allowing for the opportunity to switch between them. Moreover, my colleagues are incredibly kind, friendly, and helpful, which makes the work even more enjoyable.


Meeting my colleagues in person was a delightful experience. Currently (2021), we all work from home due to COVID, so our interactions are mostly through group calls. After our training, we decided to meet up and have drinks together. It was wonderful to see everyone face-to-face and get a sense of their personalities. We had a great time, and we've continued to meet up on multiple occasions.

Making new friends abroad 

I've made many new friends, both Dutch and international. Through work, I've made new Dutch friends, and although some have already returned to the Netherlands, we still keep in touch, and some even visited Lisbon for a week! As for international friends,  I've made some Brazilian friends. I also met my partner, who is Brazilian, here. I find it enjoyable to have foreign friends because we learn so much from each other and get to explore different languages and cultures.


I'm not naturally inclined to approach new people and start conversations. This has been a bit challenging for me, as it's important to do so in order to meet new people. However, everything has worked out well, and I've made some great new connections.


I believe this adventure has definitely helped me grow personally. When I came here, I was 19 and still living with my parents. Moving to Lisbon has made me much more independent. I've learned to manage my finances better because now I have to support myself. Additionally, I'm more comfortable initiating conversations with new people and simply enjoying a chat!

Tram 28 in the cute streets of lisbon, portugal

My advice: Just go for it! 

Living abroad is truly a joyful experience for me. The atmosphere in Lisbon is entirely different compared to the Netherlands. Not only is it a beautiful country, but the people are also incredibly friendly! Therefore, I highly recommend embarking on an adventure in Lisbon because it truly is an amazing experience.


You relocate to a new country with a new environment, where you encounter beautiful things and meet incredibly nice people. I also believe it can greatly contribute to your personal development. Of course, it might be daunting and scary at first, but trust me, it's all worth it. My advice is simple: just go for it. Stay true to yourself and try to enjoy every moment!

5 Trustpilot stars Review from Marie Krüger

Recruitment is 10/10

Recruitment is 10/10. Lisa always made safe that I don’t feel alone trough the whole process and helped me with every step. Very friendly and nice to talk to. Would definitely recommend more

9 February, 2023

Are you ready for an incredible (gap year) adventure in Lisbon? Follow Dalicia's advice and just do it! Have a look at all our open vacancies in Lisbon. Need assistance in finding a suitable job? Feel free to send us a message, and we'll guide you on your way!

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