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Working at weWow in Valencia: Cecilia's experience!

17 May, 2023 by
Cecilia  ◦  3 minutes reading time
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"I needed a change, and working at weWow was exactly what I needed!" Cecilia has been enjoying her life in Valencia! Curious about what it's like to work at weWow? You'll find out here!

What triggered you to apply at weWow?

Did you ever feel something was just right, from the very beginning? That's what happened to me when I read the company name and the description of weWow. Because let's be honest: the name is catchy! I remember thinking, "Okay, this seems like a company that takes pride in what they do and isn't afraid to show it. This means they have good relationships with their clients. Let's see what this is all about..." I decided to do some research on weWow and discovered that they were quite active on social media. This immediately gave me a sense of what it's like to work at weWow in Valencia! I also saw that you get to work on cool projects like Otrium (a fashion outlet), which immediately got my attention.


The stories of weWow employees from interviews, videos, and posts gave me the impression of an environment with not only freedom of expression, but also the opportunity to listen. This feeling was exactly what motivated me to apply! After a few challenging years where I wanted to find my place in this world and improve my skills, working abroad seemed like a good idea. Especially for a company where people celebrate what they do. I needed a change, and working at weWow was exactly what I needed!

What does a day at weWow look like?

The genuine smile I get when I arrive at the office is always heartwarming. I enjoy being surrounded by positive people, which is why I like spending my time chatting with colleagues while grabbing breakfast in the cozy living area. Then we get ready for meetings and, of course, dive into work.


Our days are never dull! Our clients are very friendly, but challenges are always present. This means that no workday is the same! Plus, it's a bonus to have a team that always has your back. If, for example, I have a difficult client case, my colleagues are always there to help. There are always cozy moments at the office where you can have a laugh with colleagues. Sometimes, that's really necessary to be able to refocus afterwards.


After work, we often head outside. I love how easy-going the team is, and I cherish the friendships I've made here. When you're surrounded by the right people, a good atmosphere is all you really need to recharge after a long day!

What is the WOW factor of weWow?

The people, the culture, and the “take ownership” mentality: these are the three main things that I love about weWow. It's rare to find an environment where you feel completely safe and free to speak up or be your true self without judgment. At weWow, uniqueness is celebrated, and everyone brings something different to the table. This greatly enhances the quality of the team. We create the culture, and it's amazing to be surrounded by like-minded individuals. Sharing different interests yet still being able to connect on different levels is what makes the environment special.


Another factor that surprised me within weWow, is the freedom to bring your ideas and projects to life. You are supported by the team to develop your ideas. As a creative person, I find the opportunity to collaborate on projects the most inspiring. I truly appreciate that.

What would you say to potential new weWow talents?

Trust your team and embrace the weWow culture. If you're someone who sometimes feels uncomfortable entering a new work environment, weWow is what you need. You'll quickly feel at home in Valencia. The people here are not only welcoming but also very curious about who you are. They make an effort to involve you in activities. Additionally, the managers care about you and always ensure that you feel comfortable with the rest of the team and the environment.


Focus on getting to know others, let them get to know you, and have fun with the various projects that weWow offers. Last but not least, remember that challenges will always be there, but it's your mindset that will ensure your success.


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