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Working In Valencia

Valencia - the city of oranges, is where the famous paella was born and the city of art and science. Valencia is located on the Mediterranean Sea and attracts with its great beaches, fascinating history and delicious Spanish food!

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Must-do's in Valencia

In Valencia on the 21st of June? Then you're in luck because that's when it's party time. People collectively run into the sea on the longest day of the year to celebrate summer! Valencia is perfect for a bike trip with its beautiful weather, and the city is becoming increasingly bike friendly. After a bike ride, you deserve to eat something good. In Valencia, that should be paella as it originates in the city. With the local drink Agua de Valencia, a delicious alcoholic drink with cava or champagne, orange juice, vodka and gin, you can enjoy the taste of Valencia. After all, Valencia is full of orange trees! 

Agua de Valencia

Did you know...

  • Agua de Valencia, the city's typical drink, is mainly consumed by tourists and made from vodka, gin, cava, sugar and orange juice.
  • The oranges on the trees on the city streets are not tasty and hang there for decoration.