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Summer events: another reason to start your job abroad NOW!

Last update: 24 May, 2024  ◦  24 May, 2024 by Photo from Woizera Woizera  ◦  4 minutes reading time
Summer events

When you travel abroad, it's delightful to discover the culture through various events happening at your new destination. Most cities come to life even more during the summer. In other words, it's the perfect time to go abroad now! In this blog, we discuss the best events taking place in Athens, Porto, Lisbon, Thessaloniki, Valencia, Madrid, Málaga, and Malta. Read on to find out what you definitely shouldn't miss!

Athens - Epidaurus Festival 🎭

If you start working in Athens from June, you'll arrive at the perfect time. This marks the beginning of the annual Epidaurus Festival. Over the course of 85 days, more than 90 productions are performed at the ancient Epidaurus Theater. These include performances, concerts, discussions, educational programs, parties, and other events featuring professionals from the arts industry!


Location: the Epidaurus Theater - Athens

Porto - NOS Primavera Sound 💃

When you go to Porto, you absolutely cannot miss NOS Primavera Sound. Thousands of festival-goers attend this major event annually. Usually held in early June, the festival lasts for three days, offering a weekend full of performances by famous artists. If you love indie, rock, or hip-hop, this is the festival for you! This year, 2024, even SZA will be performing at the festival.


Location: Parque da Cidade - Porto

Lisbon - Santos Populares 🪭

Do you love partying with friends for days on end? Then you definitely need to be in Lisbon in June. This is when Santos Populares is celebrated, with the entire city decorated with colorful streamers and decorations. Every evening, there's a party with traditional live music, and you can buy street food from BBQ stands everywhere. The highlight is on June 13th, the day the Portuguese celebrate Saint Anthony, with dozens of couples getting married in the Sé Cathedral.


Location: throughout Lisbon and surrounding areas

Thessaloniki - Music Diaries International Workshop Festival 🎷

Are you a true music enthusiast who loves playing new instruments? Then the Music Diaries International Workshop Festival is a great choice for you. The festival takes place at the end of June in Thessaloniki. At this festival, you can participate in various masterclasses for different types of music. Have you always wanted to learn to play an extra instrument? Now's your chance!


Location: Panorama Thessaloniki

Valencia - La Tomatina 🍅

Have you seen in movies how people in Spain throw tomatoes at each other? Wouldn't you want to experience that for real? If you're heading to Valencia, you can enjoy the Tomatina festival in the small village of Buñol in August, where you become part of this tomato-filled event. Thousands of people flock here annually. This is definitely something you'll never forget! (And neither will your white t-shirt...)


Location: Buñol, Valencia

Madrid - Mad Cool Festival 🪩

Every year, Madrid hosts the Mad Cool Festival. This festival attracts thousands of visitors who come to see big stars like Dua Lipa, The Smashing Pumpkins, and more. Offering a mix of different genres, there's something for everyone. The festival takes place over a weekend around mid-July and is definitely something you should mark in your calendar if you're working in Madrid!


Location: Iberdrola Music - Madrid

Malaga - Selvatic Fest Málaga 🌯

In Malaga, you can attend Selvatic Fest Málaga annually from June to September. This festival takes place in an old drive-in cinema and is very popular among the local population. During these months, around 30 performances take place featuring various styles and artists, such as flamenco, soul, urban, rap, hip-hop, reggaeton, and much more. Additionally, there are various food stalls and local market stands to visit at the festival!


Location: Autocine Málaga Cesur FP - Malaga

Malta - Summer Daze festival 🎤

In August, Malta hosts a large music festival. Every year, various well-known artists perform, attracting a large audience from Malta and beyond. So far, many different artists have performed, from David Guetta to Rita Ora and from Tyga to Paul Kalkbrenner. Additionally, the festival takes place in a beautiful location in the bay of São Paulo, offering the perfect combination of music and surroundings. This is an event you definitely don't want to miss!


Location: Bay of São Paulo - Malta

Are you eager to attend these events? Don't wait any longer! We have the perfect job opportunities abroad that will allow you to be part of them. Turn your vacation destination into your new home, quickly check out all the vacancies where you can start immediately, and soon you'll be dancing at your favorite event!

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