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Find your accommodation in Valencia!

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Sun, beach and the energy of a big city? You are not dreaming, welcome to Valencia! In this blog we'll give you the best tips and insights for finding an accommodation in the "city of oranges"!

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and is nicknamed the "city of oranges". It is home to different types of districts with different atmospheres. We will help you to find the perfect place to stay, through the 7 main districts. Please note that each district is made up of sub-districts whose characteristics should be taken into account when choosing your future home. 


Rental accommodation prices in Valencia are lower than the European average. Most of the accommodation on offer is private shared rooms. Valencia has a very large student community and the choice of accommodation is very diverse. The average cost of a shared room is €360/month, while a single flat costs €900/month. 

Map of Valencia's neighbourhoods
Map of Valencia's neighbourhoods

How to find accommodation? 

Websites that can be useful when looking for a flat in Valencia!


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Other useful websites for housing search 


Social networks

You can find associations, organizations or groups of expats and students by typing in the search bar of the social network the name of your host city. Erasmus cities often have Erasmus associations that allow you to find groups based on your interests, especially in the search for accommodation.

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Housing, yes, but where?

It is important to know that there is a very large park that crosses the whole of Valencia from west to east and organizes the different districts of the city. 

For the record... This park was inaugurated in 1986 in the former bed of the Turia, a river that ran through Valencia before 1957. That year, the great flood of Valencia took place, which led to the diversion of the river to the south of the city.

  • Ciutat Vella 🏛️

Quarter I El Carmen; El Mercat; El Xerea

Here we are in the historic heart of the city! The tourist activity is concentrated in this district and the streets are full of restaurants, shops, museums, hotels and typical Valencian architectural facades. The main events take place in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. The central market, reputed to be the largest fresh produce market in Europe, offers something to tantalize your taste buds every day of the week (except Sundays) from 7.30am to 3pm. And finally, you can admire Las Torres de Serranos, a medieval vestige and today the meeting place of the Crida, a call launched by the Fallera Mayor de València to mark the beginning of the famous Fallas festivities! Be careful though, this urban concentration makes the area extremely noisy, where the buildings are quite old and poorly insulated.


Budget: The district is obviously the most popular in the city and prices are proportionally higher than elsewhere. However, there are a number of rooms in this district that are worth a look.

  • Example 🛍️

Quarter I Russafa; Gran via

This district is referred to as Valencia's bobo and hipster district. There are gyms, alternative restaurants, shops, many terraces and coffee shops. This district is very active any day of the week. Here you can have a drink on a sunny terrace, go shopping on Carrer de Colon, or walk between the colorful buildings of Russafa. This district is quite family oriented but also very young. Its location is ideal: between the historic city center, the train station and the university district, it is nevertheless noisy, especially at weekends.


Budget: In this area there are many rooms and flats, the price is still affordable but they are in the high range for a city like Valencia.

  • Extramurs 🏡

Quartier I La petxina; Arrancapins; La roqueta

This district is divided by one of the main arteries of the city. This makes the district quite noisy because of the trucks and cars. Nevertheless, it is a strategic location because it is situated right next to the old town and offers many transport options thanks to the expressway. The population of the different neighborhoods is made up of young people, workers and families.


Budget: Accommodation in this area is quite affordable and offers flats and rooms of varying sizes.

  • El Pla Del Real 🎓

Quarter I Mestalla; Sadi

Welcome to the university districts of Valencia. It is located just after the Turia River. Valencia is home to more than 90,000 students per year and is one of the cities with the most Erasmus students in Europe. As a result, there is plenty of affordable university accommodation for students, but not only! The Valencia stadium is also located in this district. The student atmosphere matches the setting with many bars where pints are 3€. This district is more out of the way from the old town but is close to the sea, so it could be a good compromise.


Budget: El Pla Del Real offers a lot of cheap accommodation and rooms. However, beware of the more common scams in this area!

  • Campanar 🌆

Located in the west of Valencia, near the Turia river and close to the center. This area is rather family oriented. There are few bars but a shopping center and many activities in the park. Mainly shaped by high buildings and a rather modern architecture, this district offers an alternative to the Extramurs neighborhoods with more green spaces.


Budget: This neighborhood, which mixes families and young workers, is affordable but does not have much housing choice.

  • La Saïdia⛪️

Quarter I trinital; Marxalenes; Morvedre

This district borders the river Turia. There is a convent with typical Spanish architecture, built on the former palace of the Andalusian king Abu Zayd, hence the name of the district: Zaídia. This emerging district offers a mixed population and quick access to the center.


Budget: The prices in this area are in the middle of the Valencian average, but shared rooms are not very developed here. 

  • Poblats Maritims 🌊

Quarter I trinital; Cabanyal; Malva Rosa

The beach! We end in the maritime district. Here you will find the port, the large beach of Valencia Malvarrosa and a long cycle path that runs along the sea. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this district is perfect for you! It is quite far from the center and there are not many bars and other activities in this area. Nevertheless, you can enjoy the beach over a picnic or an aperitif as soon as the weather is fine. This district is also very close to the university district and there are nightclubs, which will offer you a nice late night with a nice sunrise over the Mediterranean. Beware that some areas of this district, described as more popular, should be avoided at night.


Budget: This area mixes students and families. The prices are in the lower range of Valencia and the flats are generally more spacious.




🌍Did you know? Valencia has been named the best city in the world to move to according to the annual InterNations survey! So stop hesitating and check out all our job offers on Yobbers ! 🚀

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