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From Valencia to Barcelona and back - Nina’s Spanish adventure

25 March, 2024 by Photo from Emily Emily  ◦  4 minutes reading time
Ninas experience abroad

This blog is all about Nina’s experience of moving to Spain and living in cities like Valencia, Malaga and Barcelona. 🇪🇸

Taking the leap

Three years ago, my adventure began, shaping my life in unexpected ways. It all started with the decision to spend a semester abroad. And what better destination than lively Spain? With the dream of experiencing the Spanish way of life, I chose Valencia, a city right by the beach. 


Of course, I had my doubts in the beginning, especially since I made the move during COVID. Is it the right timing? Is it too risky? So, with a mixture of excitement and nervous anticipation, I jumped into my adventure, and you know what? It worked out - three years later I'm still here!

Exploring Valencia

I totally fell in love with Valencia, with its timeless charm, laid-back culture, and stunning beaches that completely swept me off my feet. Known for its exceptional quality of life, Valencia is a city of endless possibilities. You can enjoy sport activities in Turia park, make use of the obligatory siesta or visit some unique festivals such as the lively Fallas street festival or the Noche de San Juan.

I feel like the friends I've made here are as close to me as the ones I've known for years back home in Germany.

What amazed me the most was how easily I connected with fellow expats. Valencia, as it turned out, was this vibrant mix of cultures and backgrounds. I feel like the friends I've made here are as close to me as the ones I've known for years back home in Germany. Especially, as we share a similar mindset, a love for spontaneity, and an openness to building new friendships. 👯‍♀️


Honestly, I won't sugarcoat it; not everything went smoothly or according to plan. From dealing with an unexpected apartment scam to overcoming the initial language barrier, I had my challenges. Yet, each of these experiences not only took me out of my comfort zone, but also boosted my self-confidence and encouraged me to take matters into my own hands. 

From one Spanish city to another

The initial six months flew by, and I wasn't quite ready to say ¡Hasta luego! to Spain. So, I made the choice to extend my stay and explore another Spanish gem: Malaga. Located in the sunny south, Malaga offers a very different atmosphere. From its captivating architecture to its prime spot on the Costa del Sol, it's the perfect starting point to travel around. One of my highlights was a road trip with friends where we travelled all over Andalusia - from Tarifa via Cádiz, Seville, Cordoba and Granada.


🤫 My secret tip: definitely visit Playa Bolonia, a 3 km long beach in the middle of a dune landscape, where you can experience a breathtaking sunrise.

All good things come in threes

After experiencing Valencia and Malaga, I felt compelled to round off my Spanish adventure with a metropolitan touch. Ultimately, I made the decision to spend a year in Barcelona, pursuing my Master's degree. Barcelona truly has it all: an international flair, fantastic festivals, stunning rooftop bars, proximity to the Costa Brava, and just a 2.5 hour drive to ski in Andorra. What more could you ask for? I had an incredible year and made friendships that will last a lifetime. However, in my heart I have always missed Valencia. What started at the Fallas festival last year with friends as a joke about moving back, soon became a reality. After successfully completing my Master's degree, I followed my dream of returning to Valencia, my home away from home. 

And now, here I am, working at Yobbers as a Paid Ads Specialist and Campaign Manager. Being part of this young and dynamic team over the last few months has been a real journey of personal and professional growth for me. Not forgetting all the fun we have together at work and beyond! 🧡


Living and working abroad isn't just an adventure; it's a journey that challenges you to step out of your comfort zone. I'm excited to inspire others to take this leap. After all, at the end of the day, you can always book a flight back and return to your old life. But, if you never give it a try, you'll never know the amazing possibilities that could unfold. So, are you ready to take the leap and move abroad? 

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