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Making Friends Abroad

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making friends abroad

Going abroad and don't know how to make friends yet? Then you should definitely read on, because today I'm sharing the best ways to make friends abroad with you!

Dating Apps 

Yes, you read that right. Dating apps are a wonderful tool for meeting new people, especially abroad. The app 'Bumble' has even introduced a BFF function, which you can specifically use to search for friendships. But even on Tinder, you can sometimes find people who, like you, are looking for friends rather than dating. Just be open and write in your bio that you just moved abroad and want to meet cool people.

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Social Media

As I'm sure you know, social media is here to stay these days and I think it's a great place to meet new people. You have so many options on social media to meet potential friends. 

Let's start with Instagram. Here, for example, you can do a wonderful search by where you are and see what people are posting. You might find people who feel the same as you do or who share the same interests., Get out of your comfort zone and write a nice DM!. 


Likewise, TikTok is a wonderful way to make new contacts. Similar to Instagram, you can look for videos in the place where you are or just let the randomness of the For You page run wild. See what content people are posting in your area and get in touch. You could also post something yourself, someone might approach you!


Let's move on to Facebook. Even if you think this platform is old-fashioned by now, Facebook groups are not to be underestimated. There are still plenty of groups for any topic: travel groups to find travel buddies like The Travel Squad, a lot of different aupair groups and many more groups of like minded people. Again, don't be shy and just share a post, you'll see how quickly you make friends.

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At work/study

Of course, working or studying abroad is also always a great way to meet people. When you start a new job abroad, check out the situation first and if you feel like you get along well with one or two colleagues, don't be afraid to just ask them to meet for a coffee sometime. Who knows? Maybe a good friendship will develop out of it. 


It's always a little easier when you're studying (I think). When you do a semester abroad, you usually automatically get in touch with other students, whether it's through housing, classes or Whatsapp groups, just arrange to meet some of your fellow students in a bar or (depending on where you are) at sunset for a beer. 

When traveling 

I think traveling is almost the easiest way to meet new people. One night in a hostel and you'll have a bunch of new contacts. Don't be shy and connect with everyone you run into. Close friendships can then build up over time. Traveling connects and you can be sure most solo travelers feel the same way you do right now and are happy when someone talks to them or they can chat with someone. 

Language courses/social activities 

Social activities are always a good way to meet new people! In language courses you will most likely meet people who are also from other countries, which can be an advantage since they know just as few people as you do. Other hobbies and shared interests can also bring you new friendships. For example, attend a yoga or dance class or go to a gym!

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My personal experiences

I will now share with you which methods have worked best for me so far. In my opinion, all of these options have potential. Personally, I've met the most people through Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram (cheers to social media) and made the closest friendships. But I also had great encounters with people through my studies abroad and my nights in hostels. 


Facebook definitely saved me when I was an au pair in London. I knew absolutely no one and at the time I had no idea how to meet people, especially because of my working hours. At that time, TikTok wasn't a big thing, so I searched for suitable groups on Facebook and found lots of aupair groups for London-based travellers. I simply shared a post there where I described that I had just moved to London as an aupair and if anyone was interested in doing something. I also simply responded to postings from others and so I got to know very quickly the most diverse people, with some of whom I still keep very good contact with today.


On Bumble, I've always been able to get in touch with others very quickly. The principle is like Tinder, just swipe right if you think you would get along and in most cases, there is a match. Then you can just text each other. No matter if in Berlin (Germany), in Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) or in Bali. Everywhere I met people through Bumble and had good conversations. 


TikTok also has a lot of potential for me to meet people. Since the category  ‘For You’ is always based on your personal interests, you will most likely get content from people who are in a similar situation as you. When I did my semester abroad in Bali, this also allowed me to meet new people, as I am very active on TikTok myself, many other students saw my videos and just messaged me, or the other way around. 


However, I have also been able to meet people outside of social media. When I did my semester abroad in Bali, for example, the student association  organised some events where you could get to know the other students, so you quickly got in touch. Likewise in the hostels I stayed at, there were a lot of activities planned! . This is always an easy way to get to know new people. 

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All in all, it’s important to be open minded!Not only about meeting new people, but also to be curious about new cultures and new languages. This is the only way to get in contact with many different people and that is the best thing about living abroad, isn't it? Just get out of your comfort zone and make memories to never forget with your new international friends! :)


Please also keep in mind that all the platforms are of course a great tool to meet people, but please also always be careful, because you never know who is hiding behind the profiles. So always plan a first meeting in a public place!

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