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  • Start as a Swedish Customer Advisor in Athens!
    Swedish + English
    Flight included ✈
  • Work as an Italian-speaking Customer Lifecycle Manager in Malaga!
    Italian + English
  • French-speaking Customer Service Agent in Lisbon needed!
    French + English
  • Customer Advisor for Danish or Norwegian Netflix users needed in Athens
    Norwegian/Danish + English
    Flight included ✈
  • Work as a French or Italian-speaking Customer Support Representative for Agoda in Budapest!
    French/Italian + English
  • Become a Danish, Norwegian, or Swedish-speaking Customer Lifecycle Manager in Malaga!
    Danish/Norwegian/Swedish + English
  • French-speaking Customer Advisor for an international player in the tourism industry in Lisbon needed!
    French + English
    Accommodation included 🏠
  • Danish-speaking Business Developer needed in Malaga!
    Danish + English
    Start immediately!
  • Work as a Norwegian- or Swedish-speaking Customer Representative in Crete
    Norwegian/Swedish + English
    Accommodation included 🏠
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Seasonal jobs are in high demand, sought after, and short-term. These jobs can be found in Spain, Greece, Austria, and many other countries! Yobbers gives you access to a network of companies, which allows us to offer you a wide range of interesting and reliable jobs abroad. So you can take the plunge and find your dream job abroad.

We know how educational and incredible life experience a seasonal job abroad is. You get to know new cultures and make friendships that can last a lifetime. What's more, seasonal work abroad is not only an unforgettable adventure but also highly valued on your CV. By choosing a seasonal job, you will have the opportunity to live in an exceptional environment while others spend only a short time there. Hesitate no longer and apply directly for one of our seasonal jobs in the location of your choice.