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What's the worst that can happen? weWow's edition!

Last update: 12 February, 2024  ◦  23 August, 2023 by Photo from Gast Gast  ◦  5 minutes reading time
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Going on an adventure abroad is one of the best ways to develop yourself. Do you want to grow as a person, become more independent, or rapidly build an international network? Then it's time to step out of your comfort zone!

What's also part of that?

Challenges and unexpected situations. You're new in a foreign country, everything doesn't always go exactly as you hope. But hey, that's precisely what makes living and working abroad so valuable! Challenges are what you learn from, and setbacks are also opportunities for new possibilities. 🙌

What would be a good example?

weWow! They are a startup in Valencia with many international employees. Like no other company, they know exactly what it's like to work abroad. Everyone working here has their own story about the challenges they faced when they first arrived in Spain, and what these challenges brought them in the end!


That's why we asked them to share their experiences with us. Read along and get inspired. ✨


My internship was canceled last minute. But because of that, I found my dream job!


"My internship was canceled a week in advance. I was really looking forward to it and had just found a beautiful apartment in Valencia. Now I had exactly one week to find something new. If not, my graduation would be delayed.


Luckily, I met someone who referred me to a startup called weWow. The very next day, I could come in for an interview. There, I was told that they weren't actually looking for an intern, but rather were looking for someone for a full-time position in Talent & Culture. Somehow, I managed to convince them that I was still the best candidate, and after 3 months of my 5-month-long internship, I was offered a full-time position.


This was 2.5 years ago. By now, I am in charge of the people department, handling everything related to HR and culture. In hindsight, I am extremely grateful that this initial company canceled last-minute. The worst that could have happened turned out to be the best thing that could have happened: I found a fantastic job where I could develop myself personally and professionally. I met wonderful people and I'm still living in my new favorite city."


Working remotely, meeting people was challenging.


"As an expat in Valencia, you might arrive without knowing anyone, but it doesn't take long until the city embraces you like an old friend. Moving to a new country is always a leap into the unknown. It's precisely this unfamiliarity that brings surprises, personal growth, and unforgettable experiences.


Upon my arrival in Valencia as a freelance copywriter, I felt that initial wave of loneliness. The feeling of being a stranger in an unfamiliar world. However, when I started part-time at weWow, this changed rapidly. The company is not just a workplace. It's a community, a network of enthusiastic professionals from all over the world. Lunch breaks quickly became filled with stories from different cultures, tips about local tapas bars, and plans for weekend getaways. The activities like Spanish lessons and sport boot camps also helped in getting to know your colleagues well.


The magic of weWow isn't just in the projects we undertake. It's also in the relationships we build. Thanks to my work at weWow, I now have friends all over the world. And the best part? A free place to stay in countless cities, from Tokyo to Toronto. Imagine traveling through North America and Canada, and being able to spend the night with a trusted friend instead of an impersonal hotel. That's the gift of international friendship."

Because my first job didn't work out, I was able to grow within the company four months later.


"I had once studied in Madrid and missed the Spanish culture. That's why at the end of 2022, I decided to return to Spain. This time, I chose Valencia. I was looking for a job where I could develop professionally in an enjoyable environment. I quickly found that job, got hired, and couldn't wait to start.


Unfortunately, things took a turn. Due to circumstances at that company, I suddenly couldn't start anymore, which was a major setback for me. Coincidentally, weWow contacted me on the same day. After an interview and an office visit, I joined them as a customer experience specialist. I learned about the work and the company, and I found that the company culture resonated well with me. After 4 months, I decided to take another big leap. I applied for the position of team lead within the company. I got the job and haven't regretted it for a moment. Through this job, I experienced substantial personal and professional growth. Many colleagues have become good friends of mine.


What started as a missed opportunity ended up being a beautiful adventure filled with growth, development, fun, and success."


Three days of accommodation cost me nearly €500,-


"I was supposed to start at weWow on a Monday. There was just one problem: I couldn't move into my apartment until Tuesday. My future landlord wasn't very flexible either. If I wanted to move in earlier, I would have to pay an extra half month's rent.


So, I decided to look for a hotel or something similar. I also wanted a few days to settle in Valencia before starting work, so I needed something for 3 days. However, this turned out to be a problem as well. During peak season, everything was around €500. That was a bit too much for me.


I called my new workplace. "I'm sorry to come with a problem right away, but could I start later?" Fortunately, they were understanding. They asked if I could still start on the agreed-upon day if they helped me find accommodation for 3 days. Of course! I could stay in a shared apartment for a little while. I was warmly welcomed by my housemates and even had dinner with them that evening. A few days later, I could move into my apartment, where I now live happily."

So, what’s the worst that can happen?

As you can see, it all works out in the end. With a bit of creativity, resourcefulness, and determination, you can solve most problems. It's often the unexpected moments that lead to meeting the best people or finding a job that suits you even better.


Are you also ready for a new challenge? Take the first step today. Interested in working at weWow? Check out their job vacancy here!

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