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Sun, Sea, and Spanish Dreams: Patricia's New Life in Spain

Last update: 26 January, 2024  ◦  18 December, 2023 by Photo from Lisa Lisa  ◦  25 views  ◦  3 minutes reading time
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Read about Patricia's experience, moving from the Netherlands to Spain thanks to a remote job through Yobbers!

Hey, I'm Patricia! A year ago, I traded the hustle and bustle of the Netherlands for a tranquil, sun-soaked life in Valencia. Alongside my husband, our four loyal dogs, and two affectionate cats, I took a leap that most might only dream of! Now, living in the land of siestas and fiestas, I can confidently say I've followed my heart and landed in the right place. So, grab a cup of tea or a glass of sangria and settle in as I take you through my journey from dog groomer to remote-working life enthusiast in Spain!


A new challenge: remote working in Spain

As a dog groomer, I had a thriving business in the Netherlands, but the desire for change and adventure kept tugging at me. The hectic life in the Netherlands and its lifestyle eventually didn't align with me and my husband anymore. When we decided to move to Spain, I knew I had to leave behind my beloved salon. My Spanish wasn't yet proficient enough to continue my dog grooming business there, but I was eager for a new challenge. Fortunately, I quickly connected with Lisa from Yobbers. Lisa's genuine interest and the job opportunities she presented were impressive. Ultimately, I chose the remote position at Eneco because it offered the flexibility of remote work. So, even before we packed our bags, I had a job abroad through Yobbers. It was a reassuring thought!

The big move

Once I secured the job in Spain, everything started moving swiftly. Our belongings were loaded onto a truck, and the following day, with our entire animal family, we drove straight to Spain. We found a home in a small village called Moixent (Mogente), in the province of Valencia. On the 1.2 hectares of land, we have about 300 pomegranate trees, 60 olive trees, and a lot of plums, figs, and medlars, which make us largely self-sufficient. Best of all on those hot summer days, we find refreshment in our swimming pool. What more could one ask for?!

For anyone considering starting over in a new country, a new job, or a new lifestyle, I say: go for it

The Spanish Life

I now work 3.5 days a week at Yource for Eneco and have my own workspace. No traffic jams, no stress, and always time for a coffee break or a quick dip in the pool during my break. The lifestyle here in Spain suits me way more. The delightful temperatures, celebrating things together, and the balance in life - it's all here. This is purely enjoyment!


Living in Spain is everything I had imagined and more. Should there ever be a time when I'm ready for something new, I know that Yobbers will be there with new opportunities. But for now, this life is everything I've dreamed of and more! So, for anyone considering taking the plunge into a new country, a new job, or a new lifestyle, I say: go for it. It could be the beginning of your own grand adventure!

Would you like to work remotely in Spain too?

This could be your life too! Does a remote job in Valencia sound appealing to you? Take a look at our vacancies in Spain! Who knows, you might soon be living as beautifully as Patricia, or perhaps you'll choose to reside right in the bustling city center of Valencia? Maybe you prefer a different job or even a different country? Visit our website and find the job that suits you.

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