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Robin's experience of living in Valencia!

Last update: 2 March, 2024  ◦  16 November, 2023 by Photo from Laura Laura  ◦  3 minutes reading time
Robin's experience in Valencia

Hey! My name is Robin, and for my internship abroad, I'll be working as a Business Development intern at Yobbers for 5 months! Through my personal network, I got in touch with a recruiter and before I knew it, I was scheduled for an interview with Yobbers. During the initial meeting, there was an instant connection, and I was offered the opportunity to join the team starting from September! In this blog, you'll read about my experience of living and working in Valencia.

This wasn't my first time heading abroad for an extended period. Previously, I lived in Malta for six months during an internship, and last year, I embarked on an exchange program in the freezing cold weather of Helsinki. Both were incredibly different, yet amazing experiences. When the opportunity to have another adventure abroad presented itself, it was a no-brainer for me!

Looking for the sun
I chose Valencia because I had quite a chilly time last year in Finland! ❄️ That's why it seemed like a great idea to head to the sun-soaked Southern Europe this winter, and I haven't regretted it for a second! The 'orange city' is one of the sunniest spots in Europe and boasts a rich culture. As a true Dutch person, I can easily bike around the city here, and at every street corner, there's a cozy bar or restaurant waiting to be discovered.

Robin's experience in Valencia

Working at Yobbers
During my previous adventures abroad, it was mostly about partying. Now, I felt it was time to seriously challenge myself, time for responsibilities! After an informative onboarding in Leeuwarden, I dived into all the systems, and soon enough, I identified areas for improvement. I was given the freedom and trust to independently address them. After three weeks, I headed to Valencia to continue my internship!


Fast forward several months, and I've had the opportunity to execute projects and resolve operational bottlenecks. Yobbers' office in Valencia has adapted to the Spanish culture while maintaining the Dutch work ethic. 🇳🇱 Each day is different here, and I have the chance to peek into how each department works individually and in collaboration with each other.

Building a life in another country
My tip for making friends abroad: buy the first round! Take the initiative to approach people, no matter how daunting it may seem. You'll notice that everyone is in the same boat and more than open to forming new friendships. Everyone wants to embark on an adventure together! You truly get to know a culture by living in it; there are so many aspects you're unaware of until you experience them firsthand!


Enjoy every moment, as before you know it, you'll be saying goodbye to people who became extremely close friends overnight. You'll turn the key for the last time in the apartment where you made so many memories. Understand that you won't necessarily stay in touch forever with everyone you've met; thank them and make plans to meet again if they're ever in the vicinity.


Going abroad alone for an extended period has brought me so much. Firstly, it made me incredibly independent: you have to handle everything from A to Z and tackle every setback by yourself. Also, in foreign countries, they sometimes take advantage of the naivety of Western Europeans who don't speak the language. But under the motto 'fortune favors the bold,' I've enthusiastically taken on every challenge that came my way.


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