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David’s Experience in Valencia with weWow

18 October, 2023 by Photo from Nina Nina  ◦  10 views  ◦  5 minutes reading time
David's pictures from his experience in Valencia

Read all about how David ended up working abroad in the sunny coastal Spanish city of Valencia and how he's made the city his home now!

In this blog, David shares his experience in Valencia. He’s been working for weWow since March 2021 and is enjoying life in Spain to the fullest! 


My plan

Like many others, I had to alter my plans due to COVID restrictions. Through Yobbers, I received an offer to work for weWow in Valencia, and I had to make the decision within a week. Following my family’s advice, I decided to take the leap and embark on this adventure. I knew I would regret it more if I let this opportunity pass me by. My family and friends supported my decision to move to Spain and are delighted with it, as they have already visited me three times since my arrival here. 

Living in Valencia

The rapid decision and my eventual choice definitely reflect my “hands-on” mentality. I wanted to be well-prepared for this adventure and to my surprise, everything was arranged within a day; my Spanish adventure could begin! It’s exactly like I imagined here, but, of course, I miss my family (especially my dog) when I come home tired after a day of work. 


When it comes to cooking, I’ve developed a pleasant habit. When I start preparing my food, I make an effort to be fully present, listening to my favorite music while selecting a delicious recipe to try. However, you don’t have to cook for yourself everyday. Eating out in Valencia is very affordable. There are countless cozy and beautiful places to eat here, often offering delicious tapas, paella or various types of sushi for less than ten euros. 


During the first few months, I lived in an Airbnb and can wholeheartedly recommend it! This way, you can explore different housing options and figure out where you’d like to live the most. I was comfortable in the Airbnb, but I missed the feeling of being at home. 


Many people come to Valencia because they have fallen in love with the city, climate and the culture. A lot of these people share an apartment, both to save money and to have companionship and end up making lifelong friends out of their roommates. 👯


My colleagues were searching for a house and I decided to join them. In the end, we found a nice home together. During our time off from work we explore the surroundings and engage in numerous activities together. 🏠

Hotspots in Valencia

I quickly discovered my favorite places in the city. Valencia has so much to offer! One of my favorite neighborhoods is the vibrant “Little Venice”, located a little bit outside of the city. It’s a regular destination with my colleagues, especially after a jog. Just before “Little Venice, there’s a lovely stretch of beach that’s very relaxing and the sea is remarkably clear! This is truly my favorite spot; it’s peaceful, offers delicious food, and great drinks. 


In addition to the activities organized by weWow, I also do a lot with my colleagues outside of work. We take trips to cities outside of Valencia, go boxing in Turia park, or visit the best clubs together. Furthermore, the Barcelo, a Skylounge bar and the Ceramic Museum are definitely among my favorite places. Alicante is also one of the big cities you should definitely visit for a day trip. I would like to go there again because Alicante boasts many beautiful beaches and castles. 


I keep discovering new restaurants to add to my favorites list. One of my favorite’s is India Garden. The first time I ate there, my taste buds had no idea what to expect, but I had the most delicious paella I’ve ever eaten. I also enjoy going to the Michelin-starred restaurants in the Russafa neighborhood and the cozy bars in the narrow streets of El Carmen. My bucket list here mainly consists of restaurants; you should try as many different places as possible! 

David out in Valencia with his colleagues from weWow

Working at weWow

After my arrival in Valencia, I immediately jumped in to enjoy the sun, Spanish culture and all the activities the city has to offer. Then, it was time to take care of a few things for my time in Spain. If you plan to live and work in Valencia, there are several things you need to arrange. For example, you need to obtain a NIE number, which is an identification number required for tax purposes or for signing up at the gym etc. Additionally, you need a SIP card for medical care. If you’re starting at weWow, they will provide you with health insurance. 


I received a warm welcome from the company and immediately felt at home. This was very reassuring to me because starting anew in a different country can be daunting. When you feel comfortable right away, it takes a significant weight off your shoulders. At that moment, I knew I was in the right place with weWow. Everyone is very helpful, I’ve never received a ‘no’ as an answer when asking for something. 

If I had to describe the culture at weWow I would say that we are all like friends and family here. Flexible, spontaneous, energetic, and innovative are words that come to mind instantly. I’ve worked in many companies before, but nowhere does culture hold as high a value as it does here. There’s truly a lot that contributes to making us feel comfortable here. Culture is what makes weWow as a company unique. Within weWow there’s a special team dedicated to organizing activities. They arrange things like Spanish lessons, boat parties, or fun Friday afternoon drinks. Everyday we have something to laugh about and there’s always time for a joke. If you want to learn more about working at weWow take a look at Cecilia’s blog and find out everything about her time in Valencia! 

Most people are satisfied with our services. Of course, it often involves complaints or problems, but customers appreciate the way we communicate with them.


When dealing with unfriendly customers it’s important to keep your cool and reassure them. This approach helps with most customers. It’s not personal, and in many cases, as a customer service representative, there’s not much you can do. My golden tip for working in customer service: you always win when you keep a level head. 


Even when you may not feel like it sometimes, you know that you always go home in a good mood. That’s why everyone is very helpful and has an open ear on the phone and each of us has a positive attitude. WeWow appealed to me from the start because it’s a new company. I find it interesting to be a part of it and experience how a company develops from the beginning. 


Has David’s experiences abroad in Valencia inspired you and do you also want to live and work somewhere new? Check out our job offers and start your own adventure! 🚀☀️

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