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Don't miss out on these destinations in January!

Last update: 10 January, 2024  ◦  16 January, 2023 by Photo from Nina Nina  ◦  5 minutes reading time

January: The month of new year's resolutions and good intentions. If yours were to travel more, learn about the best travel destinations in January!

Exercise more often, stop smoking or finally eat healthy. Resolutions that almost everyone makes at the beginning of a new year. But let’s be honest: How long will you stick to them? How about making new year's resolutions that you actually enjoy sticking to? For instance, use the first month of the new year to tick off some bucket-list destinations? Get ready for our latest travel recommendations for the month of January! 



January is the perfect time to visit Thailand: The temperatures are lovely, the sun is out all day and the skies are perfectly clear and blue. Enjoy a drink on one of the many beaches or take a walk along the beautiful rice fields. Do not miss out on the Islands in the South-West of the country! As you will notice: Thailand is a must-go in January!


January is one of the best months to visit Mexico: It’s the middle of the dry season but without the tourist crowds that travel during school holidays. A well-known peninsula of Mexico is Yucatan, and you should definitely not miss it when travelling around Mexico. Another recommendation is Mexico city! As long as you do so carefully, there is lots to do and explore in this bustling city. Finally, visit the ancient Mayan city of Teotihuacán or enjoy the delicious food! Can you feel the “Wanderlust” already?


Would you like to go Ice Skating on natural ice? Then Sweden is the perfect destination for you in January, as you can skate for kilometres on the frozen lakes. To make your trip even more adventurous, you can also take a snowmobile ride. 

Or would you rather describe yourself as a true culture lover? Then visit the capital Stockholm! The picturesque old town Gamla Stan is the most mythical and beautiful place to visit in the whole city. Also, Stockholm is a lot quieter during the winter season! By the way, keep in mind that the opening hours of various museums or other tourist attractions may change in winter. When you start living and working in Sweden, you will definitely have enough time to visit them all!


When you think of winter sports, Morocco will not be the first country that comes to mind, but it is indeed a lovely destination for just that! December to February is the ideal time to go, with January being most likely to have the most snow. A nice bonus is that January is a relatively cheap month to travel to Morocco! There is a lot more to explore in Morocco than just the snow fields, and even though January is one of the coldest months, the temperatures are still quite pleasant! If you are not the biggest fan of winter sports, you have plenty of time to visit other sites such as the colourful markets and the beautiful mosques!


In January, the snow turns the Swiss Alps into a true winter wonderland! Besides doing winter sports, we also recommend going on a train trip to sit back and enjoy the picturesque landscape. Did you know that the most famous railway line is the Glacier Express? This train runs right through the Swiss Alps and has panoramic windows, making the snow-capped mountains and frozen waterfalls impossible to miss. In other words, wonderfully comfortable travel in a sustainable mode of transport!


Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia and still relatively unknown to most tourists. Time to change that! Myanmar has three seasons: high season, mid season and low season. January falls in the high season, so in this month temperatures are still quite pleasant. The weather is warm during the day, but not extremely hot, and fortunately it cools down a bit in the evening. There is also hardly any rain during this period, so you have the opportunity to do many activities! Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake are, in our opinion, the most beautiful places to visit. Yangon (or Ragoon) was the former capital of Myanmar and is the country's largest city. One of its most famous sights is located in a suburb of Rangoon and is the Schwedagon pagoda. A Buddhist structure that cannot be missed when you walk past it! This is because it is covered with 50,000 kilos of gold leaf and thousands of diamonds and precious stones. So by all means, put this one on your bucket list!


During the summer months, Portugal and especially the cities Porto and Lisbon are overflowing with tourists. Attractions and sites are often crowded and you can expect long queues. Add to this the high temperatures and perhaps visiting Portugal during the summer season becomes less attractive after all. How about a trip to Portugal in winter? In January, plane tickets are a lot cheaper and it's less crowded! Also, the temperature is pleasant and there is still plenty of sunshine.


January is certainly a good time to travel around Finnish Lapland! Although it is dim during the day and the sun does not rise above the horizon for part of the day, it is not as cold as in February. Also, the cold in Finland is different from the damp cold that is common in western Europe. This is due to Finland's dry continental climate. So the weather in January offers plenty of opportunities for adventure activities, such as a snowshoe hike or a safari with huskies. And don't forget to dress warmly! Due to the long nights and short days in January, it is even possible to see the Northern Lights during the day. So, get ready for a cold but unforgettable adventure!

The Canary Islands

There's nothing like relaxing in the sun, knowing it's rainy and cold at home! The Canary Islands are the ideal destination for a January trip. January is one of the coldest months in Europe and that includes the Canary Islands. The only difference is that in the Canary Islands you can grab a terrace to enjoy a glass of sangria without a coat. And to get to this destination, you don't have to fly for hours. How nice is that? Also, if you want to stay abroad for a longer period of time to work as a digital nomad, for example, it's a great destination!


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