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How do I write the perfect motivational letter?

Last update: 22 November, 2022  ◦  22 November, 2022 by Photo from Daniela Daniela  ◦  176 views  ◦  3 minutes Reading time
How do I write the perfect letter of motivation?

You need to write a motivational letter but you do not know where to start or what to write? Then continue reading to know more!

Have you decided to take the big step and start your international career, but are you still missing a letter of motivation to your application? This blog will teach you how to structure your motivational letter and which elements should not be missing!

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Why is a motivational letter important?

In addition to a professional and structured CV, a motivational letter is often advantageous to convince your future employer of you. Even if it is not always explicitly required, you can use a motivational letter to give the application a personal touch and to emphasise your strengths.

What do you have to consider?

Since you want to conquer the international job market, writing your motivational letter in English is important. Unless the employer requires it to be sent in a specific language. 

For your application documents to appear clear and coherent, you should create all documents in a similar layout (font, size, spacing, etc). In addition, the motivational letter should be brief and concise and up to one A4 page.

Which elements belong in a motivational letter?

Together with the Yobbers recruiters, who deal with candidates and international employers daily, we have created the following overview with the three most important elements of a good motivational letter:



Your introduction should be as personal and interesting as possible. For example, you could start with how you found out about the job offer and how you can bring your strengths to the company. Your cover letter must be tailored to the specific job offer you are applying to. This is how the recruiters notice that you have thought about it.



Thanks to the CV, the recruiters already know a lot about you, such as your professional skills, your degree, and your professional history. So this part, it's about describing your personality and your motivation to why you want to work for that position and making it clear how exactly you differ from other applicants.   

You can use the following questions as a guide:

  • Why do you want to work abroad and why are you perfect for the job?
  • Have you already gained relevant experience in industry or abroad in general?
  • What are your professional skills and personal strengths and how would you use them in your new position?
  • What do you hope to learn during your time abroad?


Remember, less is often more. Only include information about yourself that is also relevant to the job offer.


Tip: If you are applying for a job, for example in marketing or in an industry that requires creativity, you can always enclose a portfolio of your work samples or drafts. 


Closing sentence: 

Your final sentence should be phrased confidently. Thank them for attention they gave you and emphasize that you would be happy to receive positive feedback or an invitation to an interview. 


Tip: Have someone else read a sample of your completed motivational letter. It can happen to not see some spelling or grammatical mistakes. A second set of eyes, it is always useful! 


👉 Not that you know how to properly write a motivational letter, would you like to work abroad, but haven't found a suitable position yet? Then take a look at our current vacancies ! We look forward to receiving your application documents! 

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