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The best tips for an unforgettable time in Barcelona!

7 December, 2022 by
Photo from Daniela
Daniela  ◦  103 views  ◦  4 minutes Reading time  ◦  Last update: 12 December, 2022
Top things to do if you are living and working in Barcelona!

When you think of places to visit in Barcelona, ​​the Sagrada Familia springs to mind...but the city has so much more to offer! Read to learn more!

1. Enjoy the sunset at Carmel Bunkers

Are you a lover of sunsets? Then a must if you are living in Barcelona is to enjoy the view of the city from the Bunkers del Carmel. The old bunkers are on the Turó de la Rovira and were built during the civil war. Take something to eat and drink, get some speakers with you and enjoy the fantastic view!

2. Rest in the Parc del laberint d'horta

The Parc del Laberint d'Horta is the oldest urban park in Barcelona. It's the perfect place to unwind. The park is mostly visited by the locals as it is outside of the city center. You will hardly find any tourists there. And since you will be working and living in Barcelona, ​​you will also start acting like a local, and want to get away from the busy touristic streets. Would you like to escape the city for a moment? Then this park is our insider tip for you! 

3. Experience culinary delights: Tapas!

Tapas are an important part of Spanish life. The cozy atmosphere, colourful filled bowls, the smell of fresh food and the clink of glasses; this is what you can expect when you visit a Spanish tapas bar. Do you enjoy good company? Then there is nothing better than to enjoy the Spanish specialties with your colleagues or friends. Try the patatas bravas, calamari or croquetas and have a nice evening under the Spanish sun!

4. Watch the sunrise in Park Güell

The Park Güell, one of the most famous sights in Barcelona, ​​and if it's not already on your to-do list you should add it. Here is a valuable tip that will make your visit to Park Güell even more special and less annoying. You can reserve tickets in advance, so you can visit the park early in the morning, and avoid the huge crowds of tourists. You have to get up very early, but it's definitely worth it! You can enjoy the sunrise in peace and take beautiful pictures without people in the background of your picture...just perfect! Thank us later! 😉

5. Drink sangria!

Sangria, as everyone knows, is the most popular drink in Spain. This drink consists of a combination of red wine, finely chopped fruit and cognac. Delicious! A visit to the Bubita Sangria Bar, known for having the tastiest sangria in Barcelona, ​​is a must-add to your list if you live and work in the Spanish metropolis. The bar is not far away from the beach and is therefore perfect to end your sunny beach day there! 


6. Visit the neighborhoods of Gràcia and El Born

The Gràcia and El Born neighbourhoods are the places in Barcelona where tourists and locals meet. Here you will find the concept stores and the best bars. These neighbourhoods are great for just strolling around. Be inspired by Spanish culture and live your day!


7. Visit a museum on Sunday

If visiting museums is your thing, then this is a very special tip for you! Many museums and galleries in Barcelona are accessible free of charge on Sunday afternoons. These include the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemparània de Barcelona), MUHBA (Museu d'Història de Barcelona) and the Museu Frederic Marès. So if you work in Barcelona, ​​you will have plenty of opportunities to get to know the Spanish culture a little better or enjoy cool exhibitions!


8. Find inspiration in the streets of Barcelona

The narrow streets of the authentic old town have a lot to offer! Make unforgettable discoveries as you wander the streets aimlessly. Who knows what you will discover on your way... a hidden café, a hip bar or a nice shop. Go work and live in Barcelona and explore this magnificent Spanish city.

9. Climb Montserrat

There is so much more to do while living and working in Barcelona than just exploring the city centre. Venture out of the city and visit Montserrat Mountain. This is the most important and mysterious mountain in Catalonia! Are you looking for a breathtaking hike? Then Montserrat Mountain is the right place to go to! Don't forget your camera! 

10. The Miniature Park of Catalonia

Yes, you read correctly! The Miniature Park of Catalonia. In Torrelles de Llobregat you will find Catalonia in miniature. What awaits you there? All the important Catalan monuments! Camp Nou, the Sagrada Familia and much more! For the adventurous among us: combine a visit to the park with the well-known Bosc Animat. A real 'must do'!


11. El Jardi Bar

El Jardi Bar is one of the many reasons why you want to work in Barcelona! It's a unique outdoor restaurant, about a 2 minute walk from La Rambla. The bar is surrounded by orange groves and is located in the courtyard of an old university. Here is your chance to taste all the food specialties of Spain! 

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