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Our workation to Lisbon with the Yobbers team

Last update: 21 February, 2024  ◦  11 September, 2023 by Photo from Celeste Celeste  ◦  5 minutes reading time
Our workation to Lisbon with the Yobbers team

In July, a large part of our Recruitment team in Valencia went on a 'workation' to Lisbon! Because even if you already live abroad, sometimes you're ready for a new adventure. Read along with their experiences!

Every week in July, a small group from our Valencia office relocated to Lisbon. Yobbers had booked an Airbnb for the entire month, from where our recruiters worked while immersing themselves in the vibrant capital of Portugal. They visited our partner company, gained new insights and inspiration, and explored all the hotspots of Lisbon. ✨ Ysaline, Leander, Lisa, Nina, and Eva are sharing their experience!

I enjoyed immersing myself in a different culture again, hearing a different language, and enjoying the wonderful climate in Lisbon.


Eva shares: "It's incredibly exciting to work in a new location, you're in a completely new city with so much to discover. I loved immersing myself in a different culture again, hearing a different language, and enjoying the wonderful climate in Lisbon. I believe it's also very nice to put yourself in the candidate's shoes and experience what they go through when they arrive in Lisbon." Lisa and Nina also found it to be a fantastic experience, enjoying the opportunity to get to know their colleagues even better and explore the vibrant city.

How has working in Lisbon inspired you?

For Ysaline, the main inspiration is that she finds her conversations with candidates who want to move to Lisbon even more enjoyable now, because she can tell them that she has been there herself. "I do notice a difference, and it also helps you help other people better with their questions." For Leander, the biggest difference is that he can now provide a more detailed description of the working environment where our candidates will be working, allowing him to better connect with everyone he talks to about it. Eva is even a bit worried that she won't be as enthusiastic about other countries! "Of course, I'll continue to be passionate about other countries as well, but this workation has definitely influenced how I inspire candidates about Lisbon."

@yobbers_ For Nina, it's not just about work. It's about embracing the city's vibrant atmosphere, soaking in its rich culture and creating connections in this lively and unique city. You too, immerse yourself in a workation in Lisbon! 🇵🇹☀️ #dayinthelife #lifeabroad #lisbon #workcation #travel #yobbers ♬ original sound - Yobbers

Starting early also meant that we had the whole afternoon to explore, discover new rooftop bars, and enjoy the city's atmosphere.

How did you experience the balance between 'work' and 'holiday'?

Due to the time difference between Valencia and Lisbon, Nina's days felt quite balanced: "Starting early also meant that we had the whole afternoon to explore, discover new rooftop bars, and enjoy the city's atmosphere." However, at times it was a bit tiring to go out after working 40 hours, according to Leander and Ysaline. On the bright side: there's so much to see and do in Lisbon that one week just isn't enough! Working in Lisbon truly gives you the opportunity to get to know the city, at a relaxed pace. Curious about our vacancies there? Click here!

How was the visit to our partner company?

As part of the workation, some of our recruiters also visited one of the companies we collaborate with for our vacancies in Lisbon. They were given a tour of the office, got to know the recruiters there, and met some candidates who started working there through us. 🚀


For Nina, this was undoubtedly the highlight of the week: "The recruiters there are just the nicest persons ever. We have a lot of contact over mail, so it was just great to meet them in person. We share a lot of the same struggles that we could share with each other, of course also while having a great laugh. Also seeing the offices gave us a clear picture about how the life of our candidates can look like and how diverse and progressive the company is". According to Ysaline, everything was also very well organized: "There's a welcome team that takes care of everything for the candidates upon arrival."


Meeting the candidates themselves also provided our recruiters with a bunch of tips and insights about living and working in Portugal. "It was also good to hear about the challenges they sometimes faced, so that we can help other people as effectively as possible."


What were your favorite places to go after work?

Ysaline: "The Alfama district is really charming and offers a very beautiful view. Also, I found the beaches absolutely stunning!"


Leander: "All the fantastic restaurants and viewpoints! (but honestly, it was mostly about the food 😉)"


Lisa: "The beach, Sintra, and the beautiful rooftops!"


Nina: "Rooftop bars of hostels (cheap drinks, great views, and fun people!). I also loved wandering around the streets and going to the LX Factory art center."


Eva: "Lisbon has countless charming bars and restaurants. Moreover, just taking a walk through the city is an experience in itself. It's such a beautiful city. But I can definitely recommend a few nice places: KOA LISBOA (very hip, on the edge of the Alfama district. Really nice to grab a smoothie or have a cocktail in the evening with some tasty bites), O Português Chiado (here you can enjoy very authentic Portuguese cuisine. Incredibly delicious and a beautiful restaurant with old chairs and tables, and sometimes live music), Espaço Santa Catarina (here you can find a very small and cute restaurant, the hostess is incredibly sweet, and they authentic Portuguese food. Tip: try the octopus here!)."

Do you want to discover all the hotspots in Lisbon yourself? 🙌 Start your own adventure and live and work abroad with Yobbers. And now you know, our recruiters can help you like no one else with a job in Portugal!

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