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How to bring your adventure to life by using pictures in a travel journal! 🎞️

5 December, 2022 by Photo from Giovanna Giovanna  ◦  109 views  ◦  4 minutes Reading time  ◦  Last update: 23 December, 2022
Selfmade pictures are being added to a travel journal that is laying on a table

Do you want your travel journal to look like the ones on Pinterest? Then keep on reading and get some inspiration for your next adventure abroad!

Do you also have an overwhelming amount of pictures in your gallery from your adventure abroad that you don’t really look at enough? We have the perfect solution for these special memories: add them to a (digital) travel journal! This way all the memories you collected don’t disappear in a random folder on a USB stick and you can relive your favourite travel moments anytime you want.


Instead of collecting souvenirs from nature, we suggest to just take a special picture of it! Try making a close-up picture of a flower during the spring season or take the picture of an interesting mushroom when autumn starts. 🍄 It’s all in the details and you’ll get enough opportunities to do while you are walking around the park or around a hike in your new home town! Print the pictures at a local shop during your trip and stick them in your journal right away. Unlike taking dried flowers or leaves from nature, you don’t need to worry about any customs rules. Or learning how to properly dry them to keep them in your journal!


In various cities and countries around the world, you can find extraordinary architecture that you cannot find anywhere else! The unique building La Pedrera in Barcelona, which was added to the World Heritage list in 1984, would be the perfect example. However, almost every person takes hundreds of pictures from the same angle and as a result, they forget to capture the unique details of a building. So try focusing on the small details that you particularly like, or choose a different point of view. This way you give your own twist to even the most photographed buildings. Don’t forget to add these pictures to your (digital) travel journal, just like the souvenirs we mentioned in our second blog about travel journaling.


From tourists to hobby photographers, anyone can take stunning pictures of a landscape! Did you know that photographing landscapes is one of the most popular types of photography? Small tip: Always take this type of picture horizontally and don’t forget to use the grid function!  Try to capture the sun that is slowly setting behind a mountain or the skyline of a city along the water. Stick a printed picture afterwards with a little bit of glue on a page in your Adventure book and for the artists among us, try to sketch the landscape on the other page with a pencil you brought along! 

Become an influencer!

In our first blog about travel journaling we suggested writing a mini travel guide for yourself in a travel journal. In this notebook you can tell for instance about the hotspots you visited during your trip, so if your friends are travelling to the same city you can recommend it to them. Take pictures of the local market, the special attraction or the delicious food & drinks at your favourite food hotspot and add them straight away to your digital travel journal. Or stick them with glue, a piece of tape or some stickers in your notebook and do not forget to add the address. Who knows what’s going to happen when you’re looking back on the adventures in your travel journal. You might plan on revisiting a restaurant, because of the friendly staff or the delicious cocktails. 🍹 Be your own influencer and inspire yourself to rediscover your favourite places!

Show, don’t tell 📓

A picture says more than a thousand words! With street and city photography you can capture everyday life without overthinking it and collecting unique moments. You can show how people live their daily life or how busy the city was on the day you visited it. Then stick these pictures into your travel journal, in such a way that it’s creating a story with the images that you made. Or reflect on your time abroad with these pictures and write a comment next to it! How did this trip make you feel? What did you not expect to encounter? There are so many things to talk about! You could also talk about which cities are on your bucket list by using other people’s pictures. And maybe you can even start planning a trip to one of these destinations right away! 😉

👉🏻 Would you like to start with a new adventure, so you can collect memories that you made during your time abroad in a travel journal? Then check out our job offers! Also don't forget to read this blog with tips & tricks on taking pictures with a mobile phone before you go on a trip, so that you are prepared. Which pictures are you going to collect in your travel journal? Let us know in the comments! 🧡

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