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Visit these travel destinations in the month October!

25 September, 2023 by Photo from Linda Linda  ◦  17 views  ◦  4 minutes reading time
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From the ancient wonders of Cusco to the romantic sunsets of Santorini, find your perfect October getaway here!

The magic of traveling in October lies in the sparse crowds, making it the perfect time to explore new destinations. 


Sanotorini - Greece


The Greek islands are a perfect year-round vacation destination but for those seeking to fully enjoy the picturesque views Santorini has to offer, visiting during the off-peak season is the key to experiencing the ideal blend of delightful weather and serene tranquility, away from the busy crowds. With daily temperatures ranging from a pleasant 18 to 25 degrees, it’s still perfect weather for basking in the autumn sun. ☀️ The fewer tourists also provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and connect with the friendly residents of Santorini. Additionally, the shoulder season offers lower budget-friendly accommodations and dining options. If you’re eager to experience Greece both on and off-season apply for our vacancies in Greece and enjoy the Greek culture every day! 🇬🇷

Cusco - Peru


October is the last month to enjoy the Sacred Valley before the rainy season, promising you sunny skies and pleasantly mild temperatures throughout your journey. The weather is perfect for hiking to visit Machu Picchu without overheating or the hassle of having to layer too many clothes! But October isn’t just about favorable conditions; it’s also a time of celebration in Cusco and its neighboring regions. One of the most notable celebrations is the “Señor de los Milagros” procession, where thousands of devotees take part in a religious procession winding through the enchanting streets of Cusco. This provides a unique cultural experience for travelers interested to immerse themselves in local traditions. Moreover, the crystal-clear skies and vivid landscapes of October create a photographer’s paradise. Whether you’re capturing the grandeur of historic architecture or the untouched beauty of nature, the lighting conditions are nothing short of perfect. In essence, Cusco has something special in store for every type of traveler during the month of October. 🏞🦙

Kruger National Park - South Africa


Despite October being a hot and humid month in South Africa it’s also the perfect time to embark on an exciting safari in Kruger national park, thanks to the extremely high concentration of animals around water sources. This transitional month bridges the gap between the cool and dry winter season and the hot and rainy summer season, resulting in greener landscapes and water sources filling with wildlife.🦓 October is also considered to be the best month of the year for birdwatching. The park is home to an incredibly diverse range of bird species and this is their time for breeding and nesting. In essence, October in Kruger National Park offers a unique opportunity to witness the breathtaking transformation of nature as it transitions from winter to summer, with an abundance of wildlife and a vibrant display of birdlife, making it the ideal month for safari enthusiasts! 🦏🌳

Barcelona - Spain


Choosing Barcelona as your travel destination for October offers several advantages. All of the major tourist attractions, such as the Sagrada Familia and Casa Batlló, remain open, allowing you to explore the city’s iconic landmarks without being bothered by large crowds and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, October offers lower prices, with more affordable accommodation and plane tickets compared to the summer months. The city is renowned for its delicious cuisine, so you can savor seasonal dishes and fresh produce at local restaurants and markets. Barcelona also serves as an excellent base for day trips to nearby destinations such as Montserrat or Tarragona. Furthermore, the more pleasant October temperatures make these outings, as well as any outdoor activities, much more enjoyable. If you’re interested in immersing yourself into the relaxed culture of Barcelona, check out our vacancies in Spain and enjoy life by the Mediterranean! 🇪🇸🌊

Great Smoky Mountains - USA


The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, United States call for all photography lovers in October as it marks the peak of the fall foliage season! 🍁 The landscape transforms into a breathtaking tapestry of vibrant red, orange and yellow hues, that can leave anyone breathless. The clear, crisp nights offer excellent opportunities for photography and stargazing, as the park is known for its dark skies. The milder weather provides perfect temperatures for hiking in the national park, which offers trails suitable for all skill level. As the leaves fall from the trees, it’s also an ideal time to spot local wildlife like deer, elk and black bears. 🐻🍂 You may also have the chance to participate in local events and festivals that celebrate the harvest season and Appalachian culture. Overall, October in the Great Smoky Mountains offers a combination of breathtaking natural beauty and outdoor activities, making it an appealing time to visit  for those who appreciate autumn’s charm and scenic beauty. 🌄

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