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The experience of our recruiter Eva on Kos!

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Kos Greece beach island graduation

Hi, I'm Eva, one of the recruiters at Yobbers. In July 2022 I went to Kos for 4 weeks. I would like to tell you everything about my time there because this was the most beautiful experience of my life!

My adventure

I went to Kos for the European Bartender School (EBS). During this course, you will learn all the skills you need to become a cocktail bartender. It was the first time I went abroad on my own and to be honest, I didn't think it was for me at first. Now I cannot imagine that I had been doubting going! Every day I wish I could go back to experience this wonderful adventure again. I have grown so much as a person during this short period, I have made friends for life and I even met my boyfriend there!

Group picture EBS Kos Greece

The course

EBS arranged everything well. I stayed on the EBS campus and shared my room with 5 other girls. I had to get used to this at the beginning because normally I like to be on my own and I don't like to share my space with others at all. Now I am glad that I was able to build such a close bond with the girls I stayed in a room with and I never felt alone. In general, you will connect with all the people you meet there super easily,  because, after all, everyone is in the same situation.

During the week I had classes until 16:00 every day, but after the classes and at the weekends we explored the island with the whole group! You've probably seen pictures of Greek islands come by and you think: in real life, it’s not so beautiful, well! The beautiful beaches, sunsets, white with blue houses and the incredibly beautiful blue-green sea, I will always remember this!

Beers beach sunset

The beaches of Kos

North-East side

The beach on the northeast side of the island is slightly less popular among tourists but therefore ideal for locals. It's a lot quieter and here you have the most beautiful sunsets on the whole island! If you look over the sea you will see Bodrum (Turkey) already. Also, on this side of the beach are the best waves.

Sunset beach Kos Greece

Paradise beach

The name says enough, this beach is truly a paradise on earth. It is hugely popular with tourists and there is plenty to do. For example, you can rent jet skis or a banana boat (recommended) for a good price.



Don't ask me how you pronounce this, but this beach is very nice! From the beach, you can swim to a small island where you will find a cute little church. It is said that if you ring the bell here, it will bring you happiness!  

Dhodhekanisos island greece

Must-do’s at Kos

Island hopping

If you are in Kos or anywhere else in Greece, it is a must to go island hopping. We did this with a large group and went with a pirate ship along several islands. The islands are all so beautiful! There are several options for island hopping, you can also rent a Catamaran for example. 

Pirate boat trip Kos Greece

Rent a jeep

The best way to explore the island is by renting a jeep for a day. We had a jeep for 60 euros for the whole day and have been touring all over the island!


Visit Zia and Kefalos

The most beautiful villages to visit are Zia and Kefalos. Zia is a picturesque mountain village where you have a beautiful view of the sunset. There are many nice restaurants and the village itself has nice shops and cute streets.

Kefalos is located on the west side of the island and is a typical fishing village. Also worth a visit!

Zia Kefalos Greece

Bar Street

Of course, what shouldn't be missing from my blog is the famous bar street. This is the area for going out on Kos. At night you can visit numerous clubs and cafés and this has been a nice part of my adventure in Kos. 


Food hotspots

There are plenty of beach bars on Kos, but the two I liked most were Jacksons beach Bar and Alibaba beach bar. I recommend having breakfast or lunch at Alibaba, they serve really nice smoothie bowls with fresh fruit and nuts. Jacksons is also a nice place to have lunch, but later in the day or evening, it's also great fun!

There are many other restaurants in the city, but also in the village of Zia. I went there to the restaurant Oromedon. I watched the sunset on the rooftop between the grape vines and enjoyed a delicious meal there. Restaurants like this can be found there a lot!


As you might imagine, after 4 weeks I still enjoyed Kos and Greece a lot. When I had passed my course I absolutely didn't want to leave this beautiful island and all the friends I had made. We still have contact even though we are spread all over the world. Of course, I can still talk about this experience every day with my boyfriend I met there! I am so grateful that I have been able to do this, I have grown a lot as a person, I've pushed my boundaries and gone out of my comfort zone. I think an experience like this is good for everyone's personal development. That’s why I certainly recommend everyone to embark on such an adventure abroad.

Eva graduation EBS

Are you as passionate about Greece as I am? Look at all our open vacancies in Greece and maybe we’ll talk soon about your next steps!  

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