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Don't miss out on these travel destinations in February!

8 February, 2023 by Photo from Vera Vera  ◦  96 views  ◦  3 minutes Reading time
where to travel in february

What are the best travel destinations in February? We found them for you! Read this blog and discover which destinations you should not miss!


February marks the start of the tourist season in Egypt. It is the perfect month for visiting the pyramids of Giza and other historical sights! These mythical and historical structures date back to 2560 BC and are one of the last seven classical wonders of the world. You can find them near the modern city of Cairo. Did you know that the temperatures in northern Egypt are much lower? This provides a nice respite from the scorching heat that exists the rest of the year. On the coast it is warmer, just like at the tourist destinations of Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. Are you ready to explore Egypt?

South Africa, Cape Town

In February, Cape Town is a fantastic travel destination for windsurfing. It's also less busy than in January. Cape Town is a popular travel destination for those seeking adventure, as there's also plenty to experience: windsurfing, swimming (in a cage) with sharks and much more! Travelling to Cape town is certainly belongs on your bucket list in February!


Peak tourist season in Brazil is between December and March, but if you go in February, you can celebrate Carnival in Brazilian style in Rio de Janeiro! Hundreds of thousands of travellers from all over the world come to Rio de Janeiro to celebrate this famous festival, as Carnival is an important part of Brazilian culture. A nice side effect is that you can party and get a taste of culture at the same time! Who wouldn't want that? One of the highlights is the Samba parade: a competition between different groups, where they compete against each other for several days. There's music, singing, and of course partying in a Brazilian style! Are you ready for it?

Germany, Cologne

If you'd like to celebrate Fasching (German Carnival) abroad but Brazil is too far away, you can also celebrate in Cologne! Did you know that Fasching in Cologne is even considered one of the largest Fasching celebrations in the world? It lasts several days and each day has a different meaning. Rose Monday is the best known day, as the largest parade in the world takes place on that day. Every year hundreds of people (including 120 music corps) take part in the parade and as a spectator you can admire the magnificent floats!


February is the month to discover Ibiza like a true local! At this time, almond trees create a fantastic white and pink landscape on this Spanish island. Did you know that the national park Es Amunts is the best place to admire this phenomenon? Also, the climate in February is ideal for doing various outdoor activities without being overwhelmed by the extreme heat. And also you can hit the dance floor, as the famous club Pacha opens its doors every Saturday in February. 

👉🏻 Hopefully we could inspire you to travel to some of these places in February. When you live and work abroad, travelling to different countries is often quicker and easier! Take a quick look at our vacancies! 🤩

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