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How to Prepare for a Video Interview With an International Employer

19 February, 2024 by Photo from Linda Linda  ◦  3 minutes reading time
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Having a video interview with a possible future employer not only gives the employer the chance to hear from you and see if you’d be a good fit for their team but also gives you the opportunity to learn more about the company and make sure they’re the correct match for what you’re looking for. But how do you prepare for a video call with an international employer? Read this blog and you'll be ready!

At a (video) interview you can prepare to discuss your previous job experiences, education and other skills you’ve acquired that are relevant to the position you’ve applied for. Expect questions about your background, strengths, and how you handle challenges. With an international employer you should also be prepared for questions about your readiness to relocate and what you already know about living in the country you would be moving to. You can show interest by researching the company beforehand and asking thoughtful questions. Remember the interview is your chance to showcase your personality and your skills so don’t be afraid to talk openly and keep a positive attitude. 🤩


What is the interview with Yobbers like? Read our blog on how to prepare for your initial interview with us! 


Here’s some tips you might want to consider before hopping into the interview:


🌎 What language? 

Make sure you know what language the interview will be in. When applying for a job abroad, in an international company, even if the job itself would be in your native language, the company’s common language might be English. It shows that you’ve prepared well for the interview to speak the correct language from the first second. If you’re in process with Yobbers you can always ask your designated recruiter what language the interview will be in. 


⏰ What time? 

Be mindful that if the company you’re applying for is located in a different country it might also be in a different time zone. Better to double or even triple check what time the interview is supposed to be than be late. Remember it’s better to be too early than too late. If you’re not sure of the time you can always ask the employer well before the interview. This also shows how prepared you are by having it in mind day(s) in advance. 

🪩 What is the culture like? 

When you’re in the application process for any company it’s important to consider what the company culture is like. You can usually find some information about this on their website and it shows you’re serious about the application if you already have an idea of their mission, vision and values. When dealing with an international employer it’s also very important to consider what the differences are in working life culture in the country it’s located in. Maybe it’s more laid back than what you’re used to or there’s more emphasis on hierarchy. It’s valuable to do your research on this before the interview to not make any cultural mishaps. 


🎀 What do I look like? 

Sometimes it’s the small things that count. Make sure you and your surroundings look professional for the interview. In a video interview we often forget that it’s very important to have sufficient lighting and a clean background behind you so that the interviewer can fully focus on you and what you’re saying. If you live with other people make sure they know to be quiet during the interview and if you have pets you should leave them in another room to not be distracted. 


For any interview whether it be on video or in person, in your home town or half way across the world it’s important to come prepared. Whenever you need help preparing your Yobbers recruiter is there to help you out. Feel ready for an interview now? Apply for a job abroad and experience one yourself! 

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