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Find your accommodation in Dublin!

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With its history, pubs, landscapes and the strong accent of the locals, the Irish capital will seduce you. But what is the best place to stay in Dublin?

Although Dublin is the largest city in Ireland, it is still a city on a human scale and is made up of 10 major districts with their own specificities and ambiences. It is important to bear in mind that Dublin has the fourth highest rent in Europe after Luxembourg, Paris and London. North Dublin will be more affordable, but expect to pay at least €600-800 for a private shared room, €1000-1100 minimum for a single studio in the city, and around €1800-2000 for a 2 bedroom flat. For more information on the Dublin lifestyle, you can check out our “8 best food spots in Dublin” blog!

Map of Dublin's neighbourhoods
Map of Dublin's neighbourhoods

How to find accommodation? 

Websites that can be useful when looking for a flat in Dublin!


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Other useful websites for housing search 


 Social networks

You can find associations, organizations or groups of expats and students by typing in the search bar of the social network the name of your host city. Erasmus cities often have Erasmus associations that allow you to find groups based on your interests, especially in the search for accommodation.

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Housing, yes, but where?

  • O'Connell Street & Smithfield 🛍️ &🍴


Located in the heart of Dublin City, O'Connell Street is part of a major avenue created in the 18th century that runs along the center of the capital. O'Connell Street is the city's most important thoroughfare and is home to many restaurants, shops, services and hotels. Whether you're passing through, shopping, meeting or just strolling, O'Connell Street is one of the city's must-sees!

Smithfield is an area of central Dublin, located on the north bank of the Liffey, in the continuity of O'Connell Street and Phoenix Park, the area is definitely lively and dynamic! This is the food district. With its markets, its horse fair, and its many street animations!


Budget: This area is a mix of families and students, close to all amenities and affordable.

  • Docklands 🌊

This area is attached to the waterfront. 

The Docklands district is both modern and old. The ambivalence between history and heritage, with glass facades and mega-modern buildings, offers a new approach to the city. If you like water, this is the area for you. You'll find breathtaking views of the canal, Dublin Bay and the River Liffey. The city is also full of ships and the port provides regular services to the rest of Europe. The Docklands will be perfect for families or the choice of a peaceful and relaxed living environment.


Budget: This growing area is still quite expensive for a typical student budget.

  • The Liberties 🍻

The Liberties is a city center location, with a mixed and diverse population. The Liberties is a well-known historical and architectural area in Dublin. 

Several places of interest are also related to the area, such as the Guinness grounds and industrial buildings, shopping streets and restaurants. The area is also quite residential. 


Budget: This area is a balance between a central and lively area. The area remains affordable with several housing options.

  • Portobello & Trinity College ☕️

The Portobello area is ideal for students, hipsters and student hipsters. It is one of the trendiest areas in Dublin. It is one of the best areas in Dublin for expats and students who want to live in a trendy area teeming with hipsters. Portobello is home to yoga studios, CBD shops, avocado toast brunch bars and fresh detox juice. Many locals consider the area to be one of the most authentic in the city. If you want to live in the center of the city without being in the middle of the hustle and bustle, Portobello is an excellent choice. Portobello is one of the best areas in Dublin for students, as the area and its surroundings are home to a young population studying at nearby Trinity College.


Trinity College is now located in the heart of Dublin, opposite the historic Parliament building. The highest ranked university in Ireland, Trinity College is also one of Dublin's most popular tourist attractions due to its history and stunning architecture.


Budget: This area is recommended for students, there are many flats and flats in the average Dublin price range.

  • Old city 🏛️

The old city is part of the Viking Quarter, the medieval quarter and one of the oldest parts of Dublin. Here you will find the Castle, the Chester Beatty Library, which is one of the city's finest museums, the city's two cathedrals, St Patrick's and Christ Church, etc. 

Budget: This area is predominantly hotel based, due to its proximity to all the major tourist attractions. Accommodation is quite expensive and rare in this central area.

  • TempleBar 🎻

Temple Bar is an area known as the 'bohemian district' of Dublin. It is also the place to go to Irish pubs for fun, food and drink, good music and to mingle with the local and cosmopolitan population. As a "youth culture" area (among other things), there are many exhibition and artist venues, including the Irish Film Center, the Gallery of Photography and The Art. 


Budget: The area is a victim of its own success and due to its central location and the large number of tourists who crowd the streets of Temple Bar, accommodation is expensive and scarce.

  • Stoneybatter 🏡

This area is the northern part of the city center. 

While some areas of the northern city center have a reputation for being unsafe, this is no longer the case. Downtown North has all the advantages and disadvantages of the larger downtown areas: a lively nightlife, excellent restaurants and shopping. Stoneybatter is considered the newest hippie haven north of the river. The area also has many alternative urban projects, which keeps the area a little quieter than the northern city center. 


Budget: The emerging Stoneybatter district is home to affordable housing in this mostly overpriced area.

  • St stephen Green 📸

Symmetrically to the Stoneybatter area, the St Stephen Green area is the south central area. It is ideal if you see yourself living like a tourist in the midst of non-stop nightlife. Here you are close to all the tourist activities, which makes the area regularly overcrowded. There is a young population and bars for long evenings of sharing as the night goes on. 


Budget: Beware! This area is a bit more affluent (and even more expensive!) than its northern neighbor. However, there are more affordable student residences in this area.

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