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How to deal with travel blues: 5 tips!

4 December, 2023 by Photo from Lisa Lisa  ◦  4 minutes reading time
Travel blues

Did you know there's a type of depression tied to travel? Post-travel blues occur when you're back from an incredible trip, yearning to be somewhere else. Discover how to conquer the post-travel blues and make your return home as easy as it can be.

You just got home from an incredible trip abroad where you’ve had amazing experiences, learned about new cultures, met new people, and developed a deeper love for travel. A couple of weeks go by and you still can’t keep yourself from daydreaming about your trip, your suitcase is still not unpacked, and you are constantly feeling tempted to book that one-way flight back. 


While it's natural to feel this way, it's essential to remember that home has its own magic, and the journey doesn't end when you return. Here are five tips to help you get over these travel blues and appreciate the beauty back home: 

1. Create a travel journal 📓

Travel makes our life more exciting by giving us great stories, teaching us new things, helping us learn new skills, and creating beautiful memories that stay with us. While you're on your journey, think of creative ways to capture and keep those travel memories alive. One of the best ways to do this is by keeping a travel journal! This way, when you return home, you can relive your travel experiences in vivid detail. Capture plenty of photos, from the places you visited to the new friends you made, and include them in your journal. If you're feeling creative, gather ticket stubs, such as plane tickets or bus/train tickets, and include them in your journal to expand it into a scrapbook. In need of some inspiration? check out our blog on using pictures in a travel journal!

2. Try storytelling 🗣

Share your travel experiences with your loved ones, including friends, family, and partner. Host an evening where you can reminisce about your fantastic memories, showcase your travel journal, photos, videos, or even prepare a dish inspired by your adventures. Expressing your feelings and recounting your experiences can help you reconnect with your loved ones and foster a deeper appreciation for your home and the relationships it nurtures.

3. Plan your next trip 🗺️

One way to get over the travel blues is to redirect that energy toward planning your next trip. It lets you focus on your future travel goals by taking what you miss about your last trip and turning it into excitement for the next one! Not traveling anytime soon? No problem! Research destinations, create a bucket list, and set goals for your future plans. Just keeping yourself busy and having something to look forward to can help you stay motivated! 

4. Explore your hometown 🏡

Reconnect with the charm of your own backyard. Dedicate some time to rediscover your hometown or city through the lens of a tourist. Explore museums, parks, or neighborhoods that you may have previously overlooked. You could be pleasantly surprised by the hidden treasures you uncover in the familiar. Reflect on the things and people you missed the most during your last journey. Open your journal and list a few aspects of home that you genuinely missed and appreciate.

5. Stay connected with the travel community 🌎

Engage with travel forums, social media groups, or local meetups with fellow travelers. Yobbers also has a Facebook community specifically designed to connect travelers who are going to work abroad or just inspire each other! Sharing your own experiences, listening to others' stories, and providing advice can help you maintain a connection with the global travel community. This is a means of keeping the travel enthusiast in you active, even when you're not on the road.


The post-travel blues can be a real challenge. However, it's important to recognize that the adventure doesn't end when you touch back on home soil. Your own backyard and your connections at home have their own special kind of magic waiting to be rediscovered.

So, while the post-travel blues are a natural part of returning from an incredible trip, they shouldn’t overshadow the beauty and excitement that your own home and the wider world can offer. By following these tips, you can navigate the transition from traveler to homebody with grace and appreciation, ensuring that your love for travel endures no matter where you are!


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