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Tips against homesickness

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Tips against homesickness

In this blog, we give you helpful tips on how you can get over this situation in the best way possible and have an incredibly great time abroad.

You have finally made your decision. You will start your adventure abroad. Everything sounds super exciting, but what can you do if you get homesick? The feeling of missing your family and friends, or just the feeling of missing out can be one of the triggers.  In this blog, we give you helpful tips on how you can get over this situation in the best way possible and have an incredibly great time abroad.


Tip 1 - Explore your new environment

You have finally arrived at your new home. You are starting your new life in another country. In the first few days, everything is still very exciting and you won't find time to think about home. After a few days, homesickness may catch up with you. Then it helps to look ahead! Explore the new environment with your international colleagues, experience exciting adventures, and take valuable memories home with you. Sign up for events, explore your area and the surroundings, and benefit from the sports and leisure activities offered by your new employer. Your schedule will fill up faster than you can think. As soon as you get to know your new surroundings better, you will get used to everything and also feel at home faster!


Tip 2 - Contact home

It is not possible to generalise how many times a week or month you should be in contact with your family and friends, as this varies from person to person. You have to decide for yourself what is good for you. While it helps one person to call family and friends during the worst of times, it may help others more to exchange messages and photos with friends via Facebook, WhatsApp, or email. 

In most cases, your relatives and friends will cheer you up with words of comfort and remind you of all the positive aspects of working and living abroad.

However, there are also people who try to reduce contact with the family as much as possible in order to fully engage in the adventure abroad.

Find out what is good for you!


Tip 3 - Memorabilia in your luggage

Take a few small things that remind you of your home. It's a super simple but practical method. Take photos of your loved ones with you or things that you associate with specific memories. 

All these things bring you a piece of home in your new environment!


Tip 4 - Meet lots of new people 

One of the most effective ways to combat homesickness is to develop a social life in your new city. Meet up with your international colleagues, attend a language course, or participate in events. Exchanging ideas with like-minded people will distract you and you might even find your travel partner with whom you can discover other parts of the country on your free weekends.


Tip 5 - Routine

Concrete plans and a structured daily routine can also distract you from homesickness. Especially when you work abroad, you will automatically build up a certain routine. 


Tip 6 - Find new hobbies for yourself

Even if you now live in another country, it is still possible to continue your previous hobby or to look for new hobbies. Are you interested in sports or would you like to develop your preference for foreign languages? All doors are open to you! And the best part? It's a great way to meet new people and it's a great balance to your job abroad!


Tip 7 - Spend holidays in your home country

Our last tip for you is to plan a vacation at home. With this, you set yourself a goal that you can look forward to! Remember to enjoy your time abroad though, it will go by faster than you think!


👉 If you are more excited now to move, then take your chance and apply for a job abroad immediately! Good luck!! 

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