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Working abroad Tips & Tricks

This are 6 tips for taking the best pictures with your phone!

19 October, 2022 by Photo from Robin Robin  ◦  185 views  ◦  3 minutes Reading time  ◦  Last update: 2 December, 2022
Girl taking travel pictures with her phone

For our photo lovers: here are our tips for the perfect picture with your phone. This way, you can capture your experience when working abroad!

1. A clean lens

Perhaps one of the most essential and straightforward tips! And now we hear you say: "duh!" Unfortunately, this is often forgotten. Consider this a little reminder. While working abroad, you often have to deal with a different climate. Make sure your lens has no dust, sand, or fingerprints. This way, you can take sharper pictures!

2. Grids

Composition is essential to make a nice photo when you travel the world. To quickly determine which "object" you need to focus on, you can use the grid. You get two vertical and horizontal lines when you take your photos with a grid. This way, you can easily see if you are taking the pictures straight. Otherwise, you'll end up with a crooked skyline (which is not what we want). Also, these guides can help you to improve your composition so that your photo becomes a beautiful whole. Simple, isn't it?

3. HDR function

Say hello to the High Dynamic Range (HDR) function, your new best friend! Want to optimise your photo quality quickly and easily? Then switch on this automatic function! This function combines light, dark, and normal exposure so that HDR provides optimal exposure. When you use this function and set it to 'automatic on', the camera selects when it is necessary to use the HDR function. In the meantime, you can focus on the beautiful surroundings while working abroad!

4. Exposure slider

You know that moment when you can take a nice picture, but the light is too bright or too dark again? Don't worry, because the solution is here! With the exposure slider, you can adjust the light. How do you do this? When you click on the screen of your camera to focus a photo, a little sun appears on the side. You can slide it up or down to change the exposure. How pleasant to finally be able to film the sunset in focus when working abroad!

5. Headphones as a remote control

When you go abroad to work and live, you want to capture the best and most beautiful moments in focus. It would be a shame to see your picture at home and realise that the image is out of focus. This happens to even the best. But no matter what, the optimal solution: use your headphones or AirPods. That way, you have a super quick and easy remote control for your pictures. You hold the earphones in your hand and use the Airpods or the volume buttons on the cable to take a snapshot. Say goodbye to blurry photos!   

6. Burst mode

Last but definitely not least, burst mode. Sometimes when you're working abroad, you have a moment like this that you really don't want to miss. Such as the unique and memorable experience of admiring the sunrise from the Miradouro de Santa Luzi while working in Lisbon in Portugal. The Life Hack' Burst' was developed especially for this purpose. This handy feature automatically captures 10 frames per second when you use it. You're guaranteed an Insta-worthy snapshot! Press and hold the button with your finger to activate burst mode. Enough photos? Then rerelease the button! Yes, yes, it's that simple…


We hope you can take perfect pictures with these tips! Also, we wish you a fantastic time during your time working and living abroad! Do you have any other useful tips that should be in this blog? Let us know in the comments, thanks! 

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