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My gap year in Valencia, Spain!

Last update: 23 May, 2023  ◦  22 October, 2022 by Photo from Laura Laura  ◦  709 views  ◦  2 minutes Reading time
My gap year in Valencia, Spain!

Studying is great, but after a while, you want to take a break. Everyone decides to have a different gap year. I chose to live and work abroad.

I found an employer in Valencia through Yobbers. It was one of the best choices I could have made. Valencia is a great city where everyone feels at home quickly. The "mañana, mañana" culture allows you to detach yourself from your old daily routine completely. The combination of living and working abroad was perfect for my gap year. When you study, you are never really "at peace". You always have homework, classes, parties, or you have to prepare for your exams. Of course, working full time is a big change. But once you finish working, you don't have other responsibilities for the rest of your day. That means you have time for other things, like the sun, the beach, hobbies, and friends.

New routines and new experiences 

The days go by very quickly, and before you know it, it's already the weekend and time for the Fiesta! Sounds great, doesn't it? Only when you're in such a wonderful place will you realise how locked in your routine and studies you were back home.


Now that I've had a break, I'm completely at rest and enjoying more things. I already notice that I look forward to next year with new energy and a new desire to study. On top of that, you learn a lot from a gap year abroad! I had never been abroad alone, which took me entirely out of my comfort zone. It's a good experience! You will make new friends very quickly and meet some great people.

Adapting to Spanish culture

Another thing you naturally get to know is the culture. As you learn to adapt to Spanish life, you will discover aspects of yourself that you didn't even know you had. It is a personal development from which you can benefit not only in your private life but also in your professional life. You quickly learn to handle things more flexible. This means being able to adapt to different people and situations quickly. It is not for nothing that such an experience abroad makes a good impression on your CV and will always set you apart from others.

Flower shop in Valencia

Overall, my year abroad in Valencia was one of my best experiences so far, and I highly recommend everyone to take a gap year abroad. It can be a bit stressful (before you leave), but you won't regret taking the opportunity!

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