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Embracing chance and conquering new professional horizons: Rick's Valencian venture

Last update: 26 February, 2024  ◦  28 August, 2023 by Photo from Nina Nina  ◦  3 minutes reading time
Rick's adventure in Valencia

From a small Dutch village to vibrant Valencia! Join Rick's journey of working abroad and exploring Spain's coastal gem, Valencia.

“Just do it!” Rick thought to himself and made the decision to find a job abroad. After spending his whole life in a small village in the southern Netherlands, he felt the need to turn his life completely upside down for a while. A new country, new activities, and new friends; in this blog, you will learn more about Rick’s new life in Spain, in the coastal city of Valencia! 


“My life was pretty boring!” 


Before Rick made the move abroad, he studied law. “Covid measures and the lockdown made my life quite boring” Rick says. So he decided to do something completely different for a year and started looking for a job abroad. A new environment, nice weather and new people around him - that’s what he wanted!


“I searched online and soon found a job ad from Yobbers to work in Valencia. I was excited and applied right away. Yobbers contacted me quickly, and before I knew it, I was in Valencia.”

My new life


“Currently, I work full-time in the customer service department of a Dutch gas and electricity supplier and I must admit that I truly enjoy my work, especially because of my wonderful colleagues. However, I didn’t come to Valencia only to work but also to experience something new! Valencia is an amazing and vibrant city with numerous places to explore and multiple activities to engage in. During weekends, I often visit one of the many clubs like Rumbo 144, AZZA and last but not least L’Umbracle. The following day, I usually cure my hangover by lying on the beach. I also make use of my free time to wander around Valencia and get to know the city better. Another remarkable advantage here is the availability of delicious and affordable food. The number of different activities in Valencia is so extensive that getting bored is impossible. As I work abroad, I can genuinely say that I’m having the time of my life!” 

Valencia sunny square

Once in a lifetime 

According to Rick, working abroad is an experience everyone should undoubtedly have. 


"I’m delighted that I was able to secure a job abroad through Yobbers. Without any knowledge of Spanish it can be challenging to find a suitable job in Spain, but with Yobbers everything went smoothly! My advice to all people who would like to work abroad is to just do it and not to overthink it! Initially, taking the first step can be scary (I was nervous too), and settling in can take a while. However, soon enough, I connected with many others in the same situation as me, and I suddenly had numerous friends to rely on! You certainly won't regret embarking on an adventure like mine!"


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