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The international employers we work with

17 June, 2024 by Photo from Laura Laura  ◦  4 minutes reading time
The international employers we work with

In a world full of opportunities abroad, finding the right path can feel hard sometimes. Luckily, we are here to help you along the way! For almost ten years and counting, we have been working together with many employers abroad, to ensure you go on the best possible journey!

At Yobbers, we help you with more than just a job abroad. We help you find a job that excites you, at a company that feels right at home for you. Let us tell you all about these employers, and why working abroad with them is such an amazing chance!

Trustworthy vacancies with endless opportunities 

Most of the vacancies we offer on our website are from employers we have been working together with for years. We have visited their offices, learned about their working cultures, and talked to candidates that work there via us. When we connect with an employer abroad, we carefully select them based on their values, goals, and environment. We value diverse teams, multicultural colleagues, and inspiring locations where you’ll feel right at home. 🏠


Another important thing: career opportunities! Some might be looking for an adventure abroad for a short period of time, whereas others are ready to kickstart their international career! We believe in the power of growth, offering vacancies with interesting career development opportunities. Take Dennis for example, he started his professional career in Portugal, and climbed up the ladder through several roles! Read more about his career abroad of 10 years in our blog. 

Employers we work with

International working experience is a valuable addition to your resume. It shows that you can adapt to different cultures, are flexible in diverse teams, and don’t bounce back from scary situations and new opportunities. Expats are social, independent and curious! How cool is it if you can add a big brand name to our resume? We work together with huge social media platforms, technology companies, and fashion brands. What about a job as Customer Advisor at Netflix in Athens or working remote for Mercedes Benz or Microsoft? 💻

The experiences of others

You might be wondering, what’s it really like? We asked two of our candidates working at weWow via Yobbers how they experience their job. David loves that the working culture feels like he is working with friends and family. “I’ve worked in many companies before, but nowhere does culture hold as high a value as it does here. There’s truly a lot that contributes to making us feel comfortable here: it’s flexible, spontaneous, energetic, and innovative.” 

“When you feel comfortable right away, it takes a significant weight off your shoulders. At that moment, I knew I was in the right place.” - David

He especially likes the activities that the company arranges, such as Spanish language lessons, Friday afternoon drinks, and parties on a boat. “I received a warm welcome from the company and immediately felt at home. This was very reassuring to me because starting in a new country can be daunting. Everyone is very helpful and each of us has a positive attitude”.

“I always get a genuine smile when I arrive at the office; I enjoy being surrounded by positive people!” Cecilia

Cecilia appreciates the freedom to bring her ideas and projects to life. “It's rare to find an environment where you feel completely safe and free to speak up or be your true self without judgment. The team always has my back and we have a lot of fun together, even outside of work!” 🍻

We make working abroad easy

Yobbers is your Travel Partner, with years of experience. We guide you through the application process from start to finish. You get your personal recruiter, who helps you to find the best job abroad and can give you all the local recommendations. Our Relocation Experts help you to move abroad, from paperwork to finding accommodation. We stay connected with you, even after you go abroad. You can start your job abroad in just a week, and all of that is free of charge!


So, to everyone seeking a sunny journey abroad, look no further than Yobbers. Let us be your compass, helping you to create a future filled with adventures, opportunities, and unforgettable experiences. It’s time to broaden your horizon!

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