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Why should you work abroad through Yobbers?

Last update: 26 October, 2022  ◦  24 October, 2022 by Photo from Laura Laura  ◦  397 views  ◦  3 minutes reading time
Working abroad via Yobbers

Have you been walking around with the idea of living and working abroad? Are you ready for a new challenge, go abroad and experience another country.

Have you been walking around with the idea of living and working abroad for a while? Are you ready for a new challenge, go abroad for a gap year, or want to experience living in another country? Whatever the reason may be, you are ready for a new adventure! But how do you start something like this? What is the first step? Find out what we can do for you in this blog!

Where do I start?

You start searching for jobs on the internet, but how do you start? Should you send the application or call the companies right away? Which company needs international employers? And how do you apply for a job with a company abroad? The search for a job abroad might sound very complicated. Don't worry, that's why you have us. We will support you while searching for a job abroad! 

We take the work off your hands!

Leave the work to the Yobbers Team. We have many destinations within reach! Are you looking for a permanent position, volunteering project, or holiday work abroad? Enter your personal preferences and find a vacancy that suits you. We match your profile to the employer abroad in just a few clicks. That way, we take work off your hands and give you a unique life experience!

We offer more than just jobs abroad

Our international recruiters know what you need to live and work abroad. We are happy to advise you the best we can and ensure that the employer supports you with the more practical matters. For example, the employer will help you find accommodation, open a bank account, register you with the municipality of your destination, and apply for a work visa if necessary. We can tell you about the details of living and working abroad, so you are well prepared and know what to expect.

The Yobbers Teams in Valencia and Leeuwarden support you

You can rely on us

Are things not going as planned? Or do you have a burning question? We are there for you! The communication lines within Yobbers are short and personal. We act as an 'intermediary' between you and the employer abroad. We work quickly and engage with the employer on your behalf if you need help with something. You are not alone if things go differently than planned! 

We have lots of experience

The Yobbers team consists of experienced travellers who have travelled, studied, or worked abroad. So we know what it is like to live abroad for a longer time and can tell you all the ins and outs. We are happy to advise you throughout the entire process and help you make the right decisions to go on an adventure that suits you. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to work abroad, and we would love to help you with this step in your life!

We help everyone personally

With our experience, we know what we offer and can provide you with all the information you need. We will personally guide you through the whole process of finding a job abroad. Good to know: a profile on our website, applying and getting a job via Yobbers, and the help of the Yobbers Team do not cost you any money.


Can't wait to experience living and working abroad? Start your adventure with Yobbers! Check out our vacancies and apply today!

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