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25 concerns about going abroad and why you should get rid of them!

Last update: 24 February, 2023  ◦  1 December, 2022 by Photo from Claudia Claudia  ◦  679 views  ◦  9 minutes Reading time
25 concerns about going abroad

We all dream of having an adventure outside the comfort zone we call home, but why don't we always manage to do it? Continue reading to find out!

These 25 reasons stop us from embarking on an experience abroad can be many, but here are the most common ones according to us!


1-What if I can't meet new people and integrate?

If you go abroad alone, one of the most common fears is not being able to create new friendships. 

The advice we can give you is not to get anxious, there are plenty of people out there who have decided to undertake the same experience as you, and are ready to share it with you!

The experience abroad will bring you closer to cultures, ideologies, and ways of thinking often different from your own, and this will help you grow and get to know yourself better!


2-Find a house
We know that finding an apartment or private room is becoming increasingly difficult. However, don't beat yourself up, with a little patience and the right support, you will be able to find the right place to live abroad. 

We will be happy to give you all the necessary information about the relocation package offered by the companies we cooperate with. 

In the beginning, you will probably miss your friends and family the most. Don't worry, this is absolutely normal!

Every new beginning has its difficulties, but you will see that you have so much to do and so many new perspectives ahead of you, that you won't get bored for a single moment and stop only thinking about your life at home. 

You will immediately feel like starting a new adventure! You will also give your family and friends the opportunity to visit you and a new place.


4-Living with strangers

Who isn't afraid of being in a house with people you don't know, without knowing their habits and daily routine. 

However, that is also part of the adventure!!! You will have the opportunity to live in an international home, where you can organise dinners and intercultural parties, and certainly, sharing a flat will provide you with the best anecdotes and funniest stories that you will always carry with you. 


5-The food

It is a certainty that home food will always be the best! This doesn’t mean that you should deny yourself the chance and opportunity to get to know new tastes and smells. 

Be curious and confident to taste the new flavours that your host place offers you. 

6-Paperwork and relocation procedures
The bureaucratic aspect is perhaps the one that makes us most discouraged from leaving. 

Fortunately, we are in contact with international companies, which are used to working with employees from different countries and therefore offer support regarding filling out and obtaining the necessary documents to be hired by a foreign company. 

7-Linguistic obstacles 
Despite knowing English, we know that it is not easy to settle in a new city speaking a different language. 

From interacting with colleagues to shopping at the supermarket, communication can be scary. But don't worry, today there are a thousand apps and sites that can help you overcome this obstacle. Besides, you will get the hang of it and this will have been a chance to learn another always win with a foreign experience right?

8-What if I don't measure up?
Do not be scared, it is normal to have bad moments, overcoming them will help you grow. 

Also don't be afraid to share your uncertainties and fear with another expat, you will find that you are not alone

9-Will I be able to fit in?
Give yourself time. Don't rush to do everything right away. 

Start by getting to know the place, the culture and the environment around you. 

You have the opportunity to experience and get to know a place without the common rush of the tourist, you will find your favorite place and make friendships you will remember for a lifetime

10-Stereotypes and clichés that you should deal with
Every country carries its own clichés that do not always represent reality. 

Think of the experience abroad also as a way to introduce your culture to others and how it has evolved over the years. 

Be proud of your origins but at the same time do not take yourself too the end it is true, we love to gesticulate!😅 [italian clichés, last sentence can be adapted for each market]

11-Financial support
In order to have the best experience abroad, it is important to have financial support that will allow you to be independent and visit the country all-round.

That is why we at Yobbers give you the opportunity to apply for job positions abroad so that you can start your adventure more peacefully in these terms.

12-Will the year abroad help me with my future work experience?

Of course! There is nothing more appealing than having an international experience written in your CV. You will learn how to deal with different cultures, types of verbal and non verbal communication, as well as how a daily work routine works in a different country. Plus, every day more companies decide to hire people with international working backgrounds. This is not only a great opportunity to expand your professional mindset, but it is also a great opportunity to get future jobs or to continue your international career! 

13-Travelling alone
Travelling alone can sound terrifying when you say it out loud, but it could not be far from the truth! First of all, you travel on your own terms, so no one can tell you where to go or what to do. You have the freedom to relax and explore the places you want the most. Second, you are also flexible to plan, change and do whatever you want! No one is holding you back, so you can improvise dinners with people you have just met, or go to an exhibition that you did not know about. Lastly, it will make you more open to start a conversation with locals and other solo travellers like you. So, do take advantage of what this adventure has to offer. 


Restarting is not always as scary as it sounds. Starting in a new city, in a new house and creating a new routine and new friends can be overwhelming. But none of this should be stressful if you make sure to plan ahead. Knowing already where you will be living, what are the things you need to buy and exploring your neighbourhood will make you feel already a lot better. Restarting is also your chance to create the future you want to have, so look at it the positive way, and use this opportunity to reinvent yourself! 

15-Leave your own habits and hobbies 

There are certain habits that are difficult to stop. But moving abroad is your chance to officially remove those bad habits and create good new habits for yourself! Going abroad is your chance to create new hobbies, and create new routines. Start going to small events where people share your passions, and start doing what you love and meet new people! It’s a great place to combine the two things! 


16-Will I be able to do my job?

If this is your first work experience abroad, we totally understand if you are worried you won’t be able to do your job properly. But do not worry! All the companies that we collaborate with, especially on an international level, will provide you with training which will guide you through your daily tasks and all the knowledge needed for the job. Amazing, right? 

17-What if I don't like the city/country?
It may happen that the place where you have chosen to live does not suit you, but don't lump everything together. 

With Yobbers you have the opportunity to try more experiences. Contact us and together we will find the experience that best suits your needs.

18-Is it safe for me?

Of course it is! We are here guiding you through all the steps from your application to the moment you step to your new job. If you do not feel safe or you have any worries, we are here to help you through all of it. So do not worry and try to enjoy the experience! 

19-What if I’m sick?

We can all get sick, even when we are travelling! But it does not mean that this should make you avoid leaving your home country. Most of the companies that we work with provide healthcare insurance, but we always recommend looking for private health care insurance when travelling or living abroad. Look what options fit you best, and be careful to ask what the insurance covers, and in which countries it works, before you start a contract. 

20-Will I be able to come back?

No one is making you live anywhere unless it is what you want to do. You are always able to go back to your home country, once your experience has ended. So experience everything you want and need, and whenever you feel like it’s time to go back home, you can do it! It is your decision to make and we are here to support your decisions.


21 Tourists scams
Unfortunately, whether it is for a foreign experience, a short trip or even at home, scams can happen. 

The advice we can give you is to avoid online payments and arrangements. 

However, there are reliable sites (spotahome or housinganywhere for example), so to avoid confusion always check on the various existing Facebook or Telegram groups; you will find people ready to help you and warn you about supposed fake ads


22 Relationships with my lifelong friends will change?
The fact that you have taken a different path does not mean that you have to erase the past and the people in it. 

Through this experience you will also discover which people you can really count on and who will support you in every choice you make


23...running out of excuses?
Our journey is coming to an end, having listed all the possible excuses that could stop you from embarking on this beautiful new experience, now we just have to tell you the reasons why you should. 

Just a few are all we need to convince you. It is enough to say that this kind of experience will make you grow professionally and personally, your way of thinking and approaching the situations you will face in life will change for the better. You will have a more open mindset.

24 Carpe diem, take your chance 
What are you waiting for? Haven't we convinced you yet? Pack your suitcase and grab every opportunity life gives you. 
This is a life-changing opportunity that you will always carry with you. 

Do not be afraid of the unknown.

Go to our website and check out all our offers, if you have any doubts we are here to help you make the best choice for your future.

25 Explore. Dream. Discover.
We would like to conclude with a quote that we hope will help you leave the certainty of your home to discover what is new out there:  


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Mark Twain

👉 Now that we washed away your concerns about going abroad, don’t postpone again and apply ASAP!

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