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5 day trips from Madrid!

17 July, 2023 by
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Do you want to escape the busy city centre for a bit and discover the beautiful surrounding areas of Madrid? Then read along! In this blog we'll share fun day trips which offer a mix of history, architecture, culture and nature.

1. Culture I El Escorial: 

El Escorial is an amazing royal complex that has it all – a palace, basilica, monastery, and library. This place is steeped in history and culture as it used to be the home of Spanish kings and a final resting place for monarchs. The sheer grandeur of El Escorial will blow you away, with its breathtaking artwork, intricate design, and gorgeous gardens. It's a must-visit day trip from Madrid, where you can explore its halls, chapels, and royal chambers and get a fascinating peek into Spain's regal past. Plus, the peaceful surroundings and calm atmosphere offer a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. With its rich heritage, stunning architecture, and close proximity to Madrid, El Escorial is an ideal choice for an unforgettable day trip.


You can reach El Escorial in 45 minutes by train or car and in 50 minutes by bus. 

2. History I Córdoba 

Córdoba, located in southern Spain, is an enchanting city that serves as an ideal day trip from Madrid. Its most iconic attraction is the mesmerising Mezquita, a stunning mosque-cathedral renowned for its intricate arches and ornate design. You can wander through the historic Jewish Quarter, explore the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos with its beautiful gardens and fortress, and stroll across the ancient Roman Bridge. Córdoba's vibrant and lively atmosphere, combined with its rich history and architectural wonders, make it a captivating destination. Enjoying the local cuisine, exploring the charming streets, or marvelling at its cultural heritage, Córdoba offers the perfect day trip experience from Madrid!


You can reach Córdoba in 1h 50m by train. By bus and car it will take at least 4 hours.

3. Architecture I Valladolid

Valladolid, a vibrant city in central Spain, is a hidden gem and an exceptional day trip from Madrid. Known for its rich cultural heritage, Valladolid boasts magnificent historic buildings, such as the Grand Plaza Mayor and the stunning Gothic Cathedral. With its charming old town, delightful culinary scene and cultural attractions, Valladolid offers a perfect escape from busy Madrid. The main things you should definitely visit are the Christopher Columbus Museum, National Sculpture Museum, San Pablo Church, Royal Palace of Valladolid and Catedral de Valladolid.


You can reach Valladolid in 2 hours by train, 2h 10m by car and 2h 15m by bus. 

4. Nature I Hoces del Rio Duraton 

Hoces del Rio Duratón is a breathtaking natural reserve. This stunning river gorge is famous for its towering cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and diverse wildlife. You can take a boat tour along the river, admiring the dramatic landscape and observing majestic birds, including griffon vultures. The area also features hiking trails that lead to scenic viewpoints, allowing for immersive nature exploration. The mediaeval village of Sepúlveda is another highlight, with its charming streets, historic buildings, and traditional cuisine. Hoces del Rio Duratón provides a welcome escape from the bustling city, offering tranquillity, natural beauty, and opportunities for adventure, making it an ideal day trip destination from Madrid.


You can reach Hoces del Rio Duraton in 1h 40m by car, 1h 55m by bus and 2h 20m by train.

5. Beach I Valencia

The beaches of Valencia are the closest ones you'll find to Madrid, with Spain's third largest city being accessible in under 2 hours by train! Valencia offers the perfect blend of city and beach life. If you have just one day in Valencia, make sure to visit Playa de la Malvarrosa and Playa Cabanyal. After a swim and some relaxation, you can enjoy a delicious meal right along the boulevard. Valencia is known for its many green spaces. The 9-kilometre Turia Park is a wonderful spot for a stroll or picnic. The city centre offers stunning buildings, charming neighbourhoods, and a bustling shopping district. Explore the hotspots of this picturesque city and check out our vacancies in Valencia! 🚀


You can reach Valencia in 1h 45m by train, by bus and car it will take at least 3,5 hours. 

We hope we inspired you to explore the stunning areas around Madrid too! Are you not yet living and working abroad but are you dreaming of such an experience? Take a look at our vacancies and maybe you will embark on an unforgettable adventure soon!💫🤩

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