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Monica's internship at Yobbers... in Valencia!

Last update: 2 February, 2024  ◦  1 February, 2024 by Photo from Laura Laura  ◦  15 views  ◦  3 minutes reading time
Pictures from candidate Monica working in Valencia

In this blog you'll read all about the experiences of Monica, who did her internship at Yobbers as Recruiter in Valencia!

Living abroad had always been my dream, particularly in Spain. Every time I went on a holiday to Spain, I was amazed by the culture, the delicious food, and the great weather. However, my cliche fears of feeling alone, experiencing homesickness, having difficulties finding accommodation abroad, and starting in a new country on my own always managed to hold me back. Until I made a firm decision to just go for it!

During the first week, I felt the urge to repack and leave, but looking back now I’m incredibly glad I didn't do it.

An internship at Yobbers

As part of my International Business bachelor study, I had to do an internship abroad, so I started looking around. I wanted to stay in Europe because I wanted to be close to home. So, I chose to look for an internship in Spain. I came across a lot of companies but never really felt the feeling of ‘this is it’, until I came across Yobbers. My previous internships were all in the Marketing field, and I originally wanted to join the Yobbers Marketing Team, but unfortunately that internship was not available anymore. I started doubting what to do, and then I saw the International Recruitment function at Yobbers, and I thought by myself 'let's just do it'! 

After the interviews at Yobbers, I knew this is what I wanted. I was really happy that I was going to start an internship in a total new field for me. A few months later, there I was at the airport of Valencia with two large suitcases, a small one, and a backpack (yes, I definitely overpacked). During the first week, I felt the urge to repack and leave, I felt that living abroad was not made for me, and I felt very homesick. But it turned out that I just needed time to settle down, and looking back now I’m incredibly glad I didn't leave early.


"My weekends felt like holidays, spending hours on the beach"

These past five months have been incredible! I've met amazing people, and build a lot of new friendships. These people really made my experience here the best! I also spent a lot of time by myself, something I didn't do a lot back home in The Netherlands, but I really enjoyed here. I travelled to cities and islands that I'd always wanted to visit such as Madrid, Malaga, Alicante, and Ibiza. Luckily, I could go for the cheapest prices, since everything is so close by. I indulged in the Spanish cuisine, and I ate a lot of tapas and paellas. Savoured numerous café con leches and sangria, and most importantly, relished the sunshine every day. My weekends felt like holidays, spending hours on the beach. That is something I am going to miss for sure, because unfortunately we do not have sunshine every day in the Netherlands. 

Valencia is a beautiful city, and it has a lot to offer. I would advise everyone to come to Valencia if it is their first time abroad. I am very happy that I made the decision to not let my fears hold me back, because this was an experience I will cherish forever!


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