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Checklist: being prepared to go abroad!

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We prepared a checklist for you to get ready for your departure and have all the information you need to start your new adventure abroad!

That's it; you are hired. What's next? Do you have many questions like: What should I prepare while still in my home country, and what should I arrange once abroad? What should I do first? First of all, you should tell your family and friends that you will soon be leaving and starting a new adventure abroad. They will probably be happy for you and support you in preparing for your imminent departure. 

What to prepare?


  • Plane ticket is booked
  • I have a place to stay when I arrive (it depends per job if the employer covers it)
  • I have a valid Visa (if applicable)
  • My passport is valid for at least 6 months after my planned return to my home country
  • I have had the recommended vaccinations (if applicable)
  • I have copied the necessary documents for my trip and have them with me (it is good to have the documents digital on your phone as well, but you never know with technology, be prepared and have it printed)
  • I have an international driving licence
  • I know what my health insurance covers and what not, eventually prepared for travel insurance (it depends per job if the employer covers it)
  • I have a doctor's certificate for my medications (if applicable)

Local information 

  • I am aware of the difference in culture, norms, and values 
  • I know if the water is safe to drink in the destination country
  • I am aware of the rules on the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs
  • I know that two cultures can be very different, but I respect this difference and avoid criticism


  • I have cash with me in the local currency (even if it is Euro)
  • I have a credit AND debit card with me (check if the international payment is unblocked)

Leaving your home

  • Advice: rent, sublet, or sell your home. It's up to you to see which option is best for your situation
  • Sell your stuff or arrange for a storage room
  • Cancel gas, water, electricity and internet (if applicable)
  • Make any necessary changes to your change of address

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