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Find your accommodation in Athens!

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Find your accommodation in Athens!

Live between Greek myths and legends while enjoying an active and modern life? You can pack your suitcase for Athens!

Athens, the Greek capital, is one of the oldest cities in the world. In addition to being the cradle of Western civilization, it is an innovative city in terms of the development of the arts (theater, poetry, music, dance...) but also politically, philosophically and democratically. This cultural and historical heritage is not only preserved in the ancient remains, but also in the Athenian way of life which is, still today, turned towards culture and modernity. We will help you  find your future home and introduce you to the 5 main districts of the city. 

Housing prices in Athens are below the European average. A room in a shared apartment costs on average 450€/month and an apartment on its own costs 800€/month. 

For more information on the Greek lifestyle, you can consult our blog "What to do in Athens"!

Map of Athens's neighbourhoods
Map of Athens's neighbourhoods

How to find accommodation? 

Websites that can be useful when looking for a flat in Athens!


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Other useful websites for housing search 


Social networks

You can find associations, organizations or groups of expats and students by typing in the search bar of the social network the name of your host city. Erasmus cities often have Erasmus associations that allow you to find groups based on your interests, especially in the search for accommodation.

  • Facebook & Messenger Group

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Erasmus Accommodation in Athens

Housing, yes, but where ?

Two areas can be distinguished in Athens: the city of Athens and the megalopolis of Athens.

Some people prefer to get away from the city rush and settle in "the big Athens". We are going to focus on the neighborhoods of the city of Athens.

The districts of the city of Athens

  • Monastiraki, Psyri & Thissio 🍴

With a direct view of the Acropolis, you will be able to admire the Parthenon overlooking the city, which will make your neighborhood look like a movie set. These areas are the most popular in the city because of the many pedestrian streets, bars, restaurants and stores, but also the most touristy. There are a few high places to enjoy the view and some great sunsets. If you don't mind the touristy vibe and are looking for an active nightlife, this area is ideal. 


Budget: This area has a fair number of offers but at a high price, a victim of its success (expect to pay €100 to €150 more than the city average).


  • Plaka🏛️

Plaka or the district of the gods. You are in the historical district of the city! The district is located at the foot of the acropolis and has many alleys and neoclassical buildings. It is also a very touristy area with museums, Byzantine churches and souvenir stores. Central and very rich historically, you will not miss activities in this area. However, this proximity to the tourist sites and the promiscuity of the streets, make the district very quickly crowded and do not offer many possibilities of accommodation. 


Budget: Some offers are still worth considering, especially for shared rooms. Like the neighboring districts of Monastiraki, Psyri & Thissio, the prices are also high.

  • Acropole & Koukaki🏡

These areas in the south of the city, which were once neglected, have become "the place to be". Since the Olympic Games in 2004, many improvements have been made in Athens and the Acropolis and Koukaki districts were perhaps the first to benefit. There are great sites such as Hadrian's Arch or the Areopagus hill offering a superb view of the Parthenon and the acropolis. You will come across more modern museums, such as the National Museum of Contemporary Art. And finally, you will also be able to enjoy many green spaces with landscaped walks, lively bars and pleasant cafes. 


Budget: This neighborhood offers a lot of accommodation at the average Athenian price.

  • Omonia🚦

This district, more popular in the north of the city, promises hip-hop and a modern atmosphere. There is a lot of graphic art, with for example the very famous graffiti artist INO, invests regularly in the walls of the neighborhood. New hotels, rooftops, bars and ethical restaurants, we recognize the potential of Omonia to become the future hipster district of the city. 


Budget: There are a lot of young people in this area and consequently a lot of accommodation is offered. Prices are very affordable and less expensive than in the rest of the city. However, some streets should be avoided at night.

  • Kolonaki🍸

You have arrived in the trendy UP district of Athens. This residential neighborhood, with its chic storefronts and cocktail bars, is a great place to live. This family-friendly neighborhood has many green spaces and is one of the safest areas in the city. 


Budget: There are very few shared rooms in this neighborhood. The apartments are generally new or freshly renovated, but are at the upper end of the price range for a city like Athens.


🌍Ready to move ? Don't hesitate and take a look at all of our vacancies in Greece! 🚀

Aerial view of Athens

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