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What to do in Athens!

Last update: 7 November, 2022  ◦  7 November, 2022 by Photo from Daniela Daniela  ◦  479 views  ◦  4 minutes reading time
Activities to do in Athens

In this blog, we will talk about 9 things you must do to discover Athens like a real local! Read on and get inspired!

Living and working in Athens is the best choice you can make! Athens, also known as the ancient city, is a city with many attractions of both ancient and modern art! Read on to find out more! 


The Parthenon in Athens

The first stop must be the Parthenon, the most famous landmark of Athens, and of ancient Greece. It is located in the Acropolis, in the heart of the city, and sits on a 150-meter hill (the climb is definitely worth it!). The temple is dedicated to the Goddess Athena, the protector of the city. The view of the city from the top of the hill is wonderful, so take the opportunity to take some pictures of the view, and you can add them to your travel diary! To finish the day you can visit the Acropolis Museum where you will see fragments of the temple, and learn more about the history of Athens.

Anafiotika is the neighborhood to visit! 

Not far from the Acropolis, you can visit this charming little neighborhood called Anafiotika. This neighborhood is characterized by small one-story white houses, blue doors, and narrow streets, just like on the island of Santorini! So if you don't have time to visit the island, go to Anafiotika, and enjoy the calmness of the neighborhood. 

Beware of those allergic to cats because you will find a lot of them here!


Graffiti tour

Yes, you got it right! Athens is rich in street art. Many well-known (and lesser-known) street artists have left their mark on the ancient city. There are many areas where you can find street art. One neighborhood we definitely recommend is Exarchia, where you will find a lot of graffiti with political meaning. When you are done street art hunting, take some rest in one of the local cafes in the area and eat the typical local food such as sfakia or souvlaki. It is definitely worth it!

An outdoor cinema! 

After a long day at work or simply during an afternoon with no plans, visit an outdoor cinema like a true Athenian! Especially during spring and summer days, many of these cinemas are open to the public. One of the best is definitely in "Cine Paris Plaka," and it is not too far from the Acropolis. From the terrace where they show movies, you will have a perfect view of the Parthenon! Beautiful, isn't it? 

The square to visit!  

Paying a visit to the Monastiraki is a must. It is one of the most visited squares by locals, and it is close to many monuments. On this square, you will find one of the most famous cocktail bars in the city Clumsies. And if you are there to do something different, visit Six d.o.g.s, a venue that hosts more than 500 events a year. The most unusual part of this venue is definitely the underground space that leads to a secret garden!

Planetarium among the most modern in the world! 

The Planetarium of Athens is one of the largest and most modern in the world! If you want to do something completely different one day, a visit to the planetarium is highly recommended. The dome is 25 meters in diameter with a 360-degree view, and the hall hosts 280 seats. There are broadcasts every day, but with very specific times for specific shows, so we recommend you check the website and book your visit before you show up. 

Climbing Mount Lycabettus

Climbing Mount Lycabettus is an experience that you should not miss! From this hill, you have a splendid view of Athens, all the way to the sea! You can reach the top of this hill by car, by cable car, or on foot. We recommend hiking this hill at the end of the day, before sunset, to see the colors changing the atmosphere of the city. A breathtaking experience!

Relaxation day at the National Gardens

After a tiring week in your new job abroad, this is the place to relax! You can enter the park for free. Once you are there is worth visiting the small zoo, the cafeteria, and the Botanical Museum. The latter is especially beautiful during the spring and summer months! 

During your walks, you can also see remnants of monuments. This park is not particularly visited by tourists, despite being located in the center of town. So, it is definitely a peaceful spot! 


Panathinaiko Stadium

If you are a sports fan, a visit to the Panathinaiko Stadium is definitely not to be missed! This stadium hosted the first Olympic Games. The stadium is easily accessible either by streetcar or on foot. Our suggestion: walk from Syntagma through the National Garden to the stadium.

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