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Perfect Destination

You are certain: you want to live and work abroad! The only thing you are still hesitating about is where you want to go. Let us help you!

You are certain: you want to live and work abroad! The only thing you are still hesitating about is where you want to go. After all, the options are infinite. What a stressful choice, isn't it? We get that you want to make the best decision, and that is why we will help you on your way. So read on and find out how to start your adventure abroad!


Let's begin! Firstly, be sure about what you are looking for in a destination. You are going to live and work there for a long time! Therefore, think carefully about which surrounding suits you best as a person. For example, are you looking for a place where you can make a lot of friends or a place to relax and do your own thing? It helps to write down these preferences. By doing so, you will clarify your thoughts and know better what you are looking for.


To make it easier, we have created a distinction between four categories. This way, you can simply see what appeals to you most and check if we have the right job for you. Hopefully, this blog will help you to find the perfect place to live and work abroad!

For the city lovers among us

Do you love busy cities, and are you looking for a place where you can meet many internationals? Then you should definitely look for a job in one of Europe's nicest metropolises. These destinations are perfect if you like to relax in city parks, enjoy culture and history and have a great city life! Does this excite you? Then you should check out jobs in Dublin, Prague or Sofia. These are all fantastic destinations to live and work abroad, each with its own charm!

For the sun-sea-beach worshippers

For the sun-sea-beach-worshippers among us: working on a sun-drenched island is the perfect match for you. In your spare time, you can explore the island on your scooter, tan on the beach, take a dip in the clear blue sea or explore the underwater world! The typical island life is known for its relaxed atmosphere and friendly locals. All you need in one place! Does this laid-back lifestyle sound good to you? Then working in Ibiza, Malta or Mallorca is a fantastic choice for you.

The best of both worlds: city and beach

Did you get hyped after reading both options above? Then we have good news for you. You can choose to work in a vibrant and sunny city by the sea! This gives you the best of both worlds: a lively and hip city and a relaxed and sunny beach. In your free time, you can have a drink in a cosy café or admire a breathtaking sunset on the beach. When you start working in a coastal city, the possibilities are endless! Isn't that fantastic? You could work in Barcelona, Valencia, Lisbon or Málaga. After all, these are perfect examples of bustling metropolises by the coast! 

For the local experience

Do you enjoy unique places, meeting locals and city life in a smaller city? Then we got something for you. Perfect if you are not looking for the intense hustle and bustle of a metropolis but are enthusiastic about an urban atmosphere and lots of fun. Then we advise you to look for vacancies in Varna or Cluj, for example. These cities are smaller but cosy and incredibly cool! Or have you ever thought about Bulgaria? A great country to gain international work experience! 

We hope that after reading this blog, you are one step closer to your adventure abroad. After all, choosing the right destination is an important step. Do you need extra help finding the right destination or job? Take a look at our vacancies abroad or reach out to us. We would love to help you find the perfect job abroad! 

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