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Reasons why your child should work abroad

10 June, 2024 by Photo from Laura Laura  ◦  3 minutes reading time
Reasons why your child should work abroad

Does your child want to go abroad, but you’re still in doubt? As a parent, it is natural to have reservations when your child expresses the desire to work abroad. However, the benefits of such an experience can be substantial and transformative. Here are some compelling reasons why supporting your child's decision to work abroad is a great idea!

Growing as a person

One of the most significant advantages of working abroad is the opportunity for self-development. Living and working in a foreign country pushes people out of their comfort zones and broadens their horizons. This experience fosters resilience and independence, some essential traits for personal growth. Living in a different culture allows your child to explore and understand various ways of life, shaping their personal identity. They'll learn to appreciate cultural differences and similarities, changing their perspective of the world. This cultural immersion can lead to greater self-awareness and a deeper understanding of their own values and beliefs.

Better language skills

One of the most effective ways to improve language skills is living in a different country. Your child will have the chance to practice English daily and also learn and master another language, such as Spanish or Portuguese. Bilingual or multilingual abilities are highly sought after by employers, indicating strong communication skills and adaptability.

Enhancing their resume

Working abroad is a fantastic addition to a resume. International work experience is highly valued by employers. This experience proves that your child is adaptable, flexible, and capable of navigating effectively in a multicultural working place. International work experience sets them apart from other candidates and highlights their willingness to take on new challenges. These qualities are highly valued in many industries and can significantly boost their career opportunities!

Networking opportunities

Working abroad creates a strong network for the future. There is no doubt that your child meets people with diverse backgrounds, each with unique experiences and insights. Connections like these are incredibly valuable, both personally and professionally. Establishing connections in a foreign country can unlock opportunities that may not be accessible at home, such as potential job offers and lasting friendships. This global network is a crucial asset that will support your child's career advancement over the years.

Yobbers has their back

Be assured, your child will not be embarking on this journey alone! Yobbers will aid them in securing a suitable job abroad and will guide them through each step of the process, giving you peace of mind knowing your child is well taken care of. With Yobbers as their Travel Partner, they will receive extensive support throughout their entire experience. 


Yobbers will help in finding appropriate accommodation, making the transition effortless. We also provide valuable advice on forming new friendships, recommend must-visit locations, and maintain consistent check-ins even after your child begins their job. This comprehensive social support ensures your child will swiftly feel at ease in their new surroundings!

The best of all: family visits

A great reason for your child to go abroad: you can visit them! Living abroad means your child will become familiar with all the local gems and can offer you an authentic travel experience. This presents a wonderful opportunity for you to discover a new country while enjoying time with your child. Visiting them allows you to witness firsthand how well they are adjusting and flourishing in their new setting, providing you with reassurance and tranquility.

Talk about it

Have an open conversation with your child about their plans and your concerns. And, feel free to call us or send us a message if you want to know more! Remember, working abroad is not just a professional opportunity but a life-enriching experience that kickstarts their career and builds their character. Supporting your child's decision to work abroad can lead to personal growth, invaluable experiences, and a bright future. Encouraging your child to take this step can be one of the most supportive and beneficial decisions you can make as a parent!

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