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The best Spotify playlists for ultimate travel vibes!

Last update: 25 October, 2022  ◦  17 October, 2022 by Photo from Nina Nina  ◦  360 views  ◦  4 minutes Reading time
Spotify Playlist

Do you have one playlist on repeat? Have you listened to the same playlists too many times: Don't panic, Yobbers has your back!

Especially for you, we have selected the best Spotify playlists that will give you the ultimate travel feeling. Enjoy and remember your own travel stories!

1. Nikki Beach 

Whoa! We're going to Ibiza…' Join us at Nikki Beach on the beautiful island of Ibiza. This beach club is all about seeing and being seen. It is the place to be for the high-class people (money money money, must be funny). If you live and work in Spain, you should visit this beach club (but don't forget your wallet). Or enjoy the relaxed vibe of this playlist and get the ultimate Ibiza feeling. This is the perfect playlist for beach & summer feelings!

2. Songs to Sing in the car

Okay, we must admit that as soon as we travel and sit in the car, we find the confidence to sing along to the music without shame, sometimes humming with humble softness. Who shares our opinion? Especially if you like to sing along while driving, here's the 'Songs to sing in the car' playlist. Sing along and enjoy the drive… 

3. Australian backpackers

Under the motto 'Oldies but Goldies' here is the Australian backpackers playlist. Enjoy the greatest hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s. The ideal playlist if you are backpacking, going to work abroad, or just for the beautiful summer evenings in the garden or at home.

4. Route du Soleil

Vive la France! Are you dreaming of that great holiday in beautiful France again? Or have you always wanted to work and live in France? With songs like Ella Elle L'a, Formidable and Non je ne regrette rien, you'll still get into the French holiday spirit. Enjoy it because la vie est belle!

5. The playlist for dreaming…

The name says it all, dream of your favourite travel memories when you listen to this playlist. It will make your (future) trip or experience of working or travelling abroad a little more beautiful. Grab your old photos, press play and dream about it …

6. Hiking Songs of The Great Outdoors

Now that we can't go to the gym for a while and are home, it's nice to go for a walk now and then (your pedometer will be proud of you). Of course, it's pleasant to listen to a chill playlist while you do it. Hiking Songs of The Great Outdoors is the perfect playlist for walks! Can you see yourself working and living in Austria? Or how about a job in beautiful Switzerland? Then don't forget this playlist!

7. Barcelona Layover

Holaaaa, do you love the typical Spanish melodies? Or do you want to experience Spanish music culture because you want to work in Barcelona soon? This is the ideal playlist! Release your inner flamenco dancer and enjoy!


8. Chillin' on a Dirt Road

This country playlist is a very relaxing option for those who want something a little different. Tastes vary, but we like it! This playlist has great songs for those ready for a long road trip, but also great to listen to at home!

9. NYC strong

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of… for anyone who has ever been or wants to be in New York, this is the perfect playlist. Enjoy and feel the energy of the city that never sleeps! With songs by Alicia Keys and Frank Sinatra, it should definitely work!

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10. Happy Campers

For all the camping enthusiasts among us, this is the ultimate playlist! Barbecue during the sunset and enjoy the freedom. Sound familiar? Then enjoy this Feel Good Music and reflect on your wonderful adventures!

11. Summer 2022

Our personal favourite! Bring the summer home with this trendy playlist! The relaxed Deep House, EDM Hits & Lounge music offers you the ultimate tropical holiday feeling!


All you need is music… Let's hope we can listen to these amazing playlists again soon when we will be travelling and working abroad. Do you have any lovely travel playlists that aren't listed here but we really should listen to? Let us know in the comments! Thank You, grazie, obrigada….

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